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Wheels For Sliding Longboard


Jun 8, 2022

Can you slide on any longboard?

This is a commonly used technique to a quick stop. Sliding involves pulling your board out so that the wheels move freely without gripping the pavement. Any longboard slide is fine. via

Can you slide on soft wheels?

How hard to push depends on your speed, the wheels, and the surface of the ground - smoother surfaces are easier for powerslides. Last but not least: the harder your wheels are, the easier they'll slide because they have less traction. Soft wheels have a better grip and will not glide across asphalt well. via

Are shark wheels good for sliding?

They are definitely not made for sliding. At 78a they're just too grippy to pull off any sliding with ease. Even after wearing through them for 5 months they still don't slide well at all. via

Do bigger longboard wheels go faster?

Get bigger (taller) wheels

Smaller wheels are easier to push and accelerate quickly, but bigger wheels are faster overall and tend to have a higher top speed. via

Is sliding on a longboard hard?

It's easy on soft or hard wheels, and any length of board works, so whether you're a carver, speedboarder or slider you should really make some time to get this on sorted. No matter what your ability on a longboard, you will definitely be able to do this with a bit of practice. via

How should a longboard slide for beginners? (video)


Can you slide on a drop through longboard?

Drop throughs are versatile shapes — the jack-of-all-trades longboard. They are quite a bit harder to get sideways than a drop down, but the tradeoff is that they have better traction in corners. A drop through will still slide. It just takes more effort to kick out and break traction. via

How do you slow down when skating?

  • Find a medium to large-sized hill;
  • Start going down the road or street;
  • Slightly lower your riding stance;
  • Take your back foot off your board and skid it alongside the ground, leaving your lead foot on the front;
  • Add extra pressure to your back-foot for quicker stops;
  • via

    How do you powerslide better? (video)


    Do shark wheels go over rocks? (video)


    What's the point of shark wheels?

    Shark Wheel says its skateboard wheel design gives it better maneuverability over debris, water and other conditions that deteriorate the performance of conventional wheels. via

    What is the point of shark wheels?

    The Shark Wheel has been scientifically proven in University and real-world testing to outperform the circular wheel in nearly every category. Significant advantages can be found in friction in motion, longevity, rebound, abrasion resistance, and off-road performance. via

    Can you put longboard wheels on a cruiser?

    You'll need the biggest available 1/2“ riser pads should do the trick. You also need eight 1 1/2″ bolts to attach them. Shorter bolts won't fit all the way through your trucks and riser pads. This stuff is pretty cheap so if you're on a budget you can build your own little cruiser. via

    When should I replace my longboard wheels?

    There are a couple of signs to see it's time to get new wheels. It's time to replace your skateboard wheels when they are irregular shaped, show signs of flat spots, coning, or major flat spots. Irregularly shaped wheels are very uncomfortable to ride can make the difference in landing a trick or not. via

    Is 85A soft?

    Hardness – generally a soft wheel (85A-88A) will grip but won't roll as fast as a harder wheel (94A-98A). Harder wheels won't grip as well as softer ones. via

    How do you Toeside on a longboard? (video)


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