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What Trucking Companies Only Do Urine Test


Jun 8, 2022

Do all trucking companies use hair follicle test?

A study by the Trucking Alliance in 2019 found that while only less than 1% of applicants to trucking companies failed urine drug tests, almost 9% either failed or refused a hair follicle test. via

How does Schneider drug test?

For truck drivers, Schneider performs a hair follicle drug screen and a DOT mandated urine analysis. For truck drivers, Schneider performs a hair follicle drug screen and a DOT mandated urine analysis. via

How far does Werner hair follicle test go back?

Detection Time: Hair follicle testing can detect traces of illegal substances from as recently as 10 days to as far back as 90 days (using a typical 1 1/2-inch hair sample) from their use or ingestion, which is the standard length many companies will use. via

Does hirschbach do hair follicle?

Do they do hair follicle drug test? Yes they do. Everyone must hair test and drug test. via

Does Schneider use clearinghouse?

Schneider believes a drug and alcohol clearinghouse would help employers identify CDL holders with drug and alcohol issues and make an effort to keep the nation’s roads and drivers safer. via

What does a 9 panel drug test?

Nine-panel drug test:

A 9-panel urine test usually adds on Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Quaaludes, & Propoxyphene. Propoxyphene, also known as Darvon, is a narcotic pain reliever. Highly addictive, Propoxyphene interacts dangerously with other drugs and alcohol. via

Do truck drivers get hair tested?

The UCA-Trucking Alliance Distinction: Hair Follicle Testing

As the Trucking Alliance points out, Congress has authorized hair testing for both pre-employment and random testing of commercial truck drivers since 2015. via

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