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What Is A Jake Brake Used For


Jun 8, 2022

When Should Jake Brakes be used?

Jake Brakes are commonly used to control the truck speed while descending a steep grade, rather than using the foot brakes, saving wear on the brakes. For most truck driver's purposes, diesel "engine brake" will be used as a generic term to mean "Jake Brake". via

What is the advantage of a Jake Brake? (video)


Should you drive with a Jake Brake on?

The most important thing is to not overuse or abuse the Jake Brake. Only in the most necessary circumstances should it be used. The Jake Brake is sometimes used to slow down on icy or snowy roads by drivers. In addition, if the engine is low on oil, you should not use the Jake Brake. via

Why do truckers use Jake brakes so much?

Few people know that Jake brakes are a very effective way to slow down the truck. The compression release brake will not only help drivers maintain control over their truck but will also increase the life of friction brakes. The trucking industry recognizes that these brakes are very helpful to the life of their rig. via

How do you use a jake brake on a truck?

To activate, the driver takes his foot OFF the fuel (when the jake is left on at all times). It can be used in combination with the foot brake. One thing MOST truckers can agree on with it's operation…. it is NOT necessary to have the jake operating in a truck stop parking lot! via

How does a Jake brake work on a tractor trailer?

The Jacobs Engine Brake® (also known as the "Jake Brake®") is a diesel engine retarder that uses the engine to aid in slowing and controlling the vehicle. When activated, the engine brake alters the operation of the engine's exhaust valves so that the engine works as a power-absorbing air compressor. via

How loud is a Jake Brake?

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, the leading manufacturer of engine brakes, says that the noise emitted by a properly maintained rig with an OEM muffler is within the 80 to 83 decibel dB(A) range, which is 10 to 13 decibels above the high range of normal conversation. via

How do you engage Jake brakes? (video)


Is it safe to use engine brake on wet roads?

The instructions for the engine brake states not to use it when raining or slippery roads. "Using the retarder on wet or slippery roads may cause loss of traction on the drive wheels—your vehicle may slide out of control. via

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