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What Do Truck Drivers Need On The Road


Jun 8, 2022

What should I have in my semi truck?

A List of Trucking Essentials for New Drivers

  • Shower flip-flops. You really don’t want to stand barefoot in those truck stop showers and get a fungal infection.
  • Sleeping gear.
  • Emergency bathroom container and toilet paper.
  • Hygiene basics.
  • Gloves.
  • Flashlight.
  • Dash-mounted cell phone holder.
  • Gallons of water.
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    What do truckers do on the road?

    Truckers are finding new hobbies to fight boredom during downtime. Recently, truckers are picking up hobbies you wouldn’t typically expect, like sewing, knitting and crocheting. Others are writing novels with voice-to-text software, practicing their photography, and even taking up chess. via

    What do truck drivers pack?

    Here’s what’s included in a truck driver emergency kit:

  • Flashlight & batteries.
  • Space blankets.
  • First aid kit.
  • Nonperishable food and extra water.
  • Road atlas.
  • Basic tools.
  • Pocket knife.
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    What do truckers want from a truck stop?

    Like other travelers, truckers expect truck stops to have: Clean fuel islands. Clean restrooms (with decent toilet paper) Clean hot-water showers (hair dryers and toiletries a plus) via

    Can you listen to music while truck driving?

    SXM is widely used by drivers. Despite the monthly fee, a lot of truckers choose this as their go-to for music, talk-radio, etc. when driving. Two of the top stations they recommend are Road Dog Trucking Radio and Willie’s Roadhouse. via

    How do truckers not get bored?

    There are so many ways for drivers to keep themselves entertained these days. Podcasts, audiobooks, and satellite radio open up a world of stories and opinions that can keep you engaged, alert, and entertained. via

    Is being a trucker fun?

    Yes, being a truck driver is fun.

    Truck drivers get to experience the thrill of seeing a place for the first time and meeting interesting strangers. Taking to the open road-ready for the next adventure. via

    What should I keep in my work truck?

    Stuff We Love: 7 Essentials You Should Always Have in Your Truck

  • 3 / 8. Construction Pro Tips. Cleaning Wipes for Messes.
  • 4 / 8. Construction Pro Tips. An Extra Pair of Work Gloves.
  • 5 / 8. Construction Pro Tips. An Extra Truck Tape (or Two)
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    How do truckers live on the road?

    Maintain a regular meal schedule, exercise, some leisure walking, sleep etc. whenever possible. Take a good break around mid-day, too, to stretch and get out of the truck. Your eating, exercise and sleep habits/routine, can ultimately make or break your success as a trucker. via

    Can truck drivers use Bluetooth?

    The law still allows for truck drivers to use Bluetooth headsets or other hands-free devices should they need to make calls while on the road. It is also worth noting that that law does not make any mention of GPS or map hardware, which can be just as distracting to drivers as cell phones. via

    Do truckers use Spotify?

    Truck drivers can download popular music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora, or SoundCloud. via

    Is truck Driving a boring job?

    Yes, it can be boring to be a truck driver, but only if you are not careful, or if you don’t prepare properly. With the right tools and mindset — both of which come with the job — being a truck driver allows for great stability. At its worst, you’ll have a lot of quiet time on the road to think, reflect, and plan. via

    What is the hardest part of driving a truck?

    The Hardest Part of Starting a Trucking Career

  • Double Clutching and downshifting.
  • Straight backing, or just about any type of backing maneuver in a big rig.
  • Having the driver’s seat and the mirrors adjusted properly.
  • Making right hand turns.
  • Getting started from a stop on an incline.
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    How often do truck drivers come home?

    Most regional truckers drive about half of what long haul drivers do, on average about 50,000 miles per year. In some cases, when you are driving locally you will be able to get home every night, though many local drivers work very long days. Many regional drivers come home two to three times each week. via

    How can I turn my truck into an office? (video)

    Why you should keep your truck?

    Offroading Capabilities. With good ground clearance, all-wheel drive, durable suspensions and a lot of power, trucks can handle rough terrain that cars can’t. These features also make trucks ideal for driving in winter weather. If you want the freedom to explore off road, a truck might be for you. via

    What can I do to my truck? (video)

    Can you live anywhere as a truck driver?

    It doesn’t matter where you live (small town or big city), it’s always possible to get a truck driving job. OTR driving jobs seem to be plentiful. And, if you’re looking at relocating, there will be a job for you – there’s a lot to be said for this! via

    Do truckers have TV?

    Tho most drivers don’t have directv, many have a tv and antenna, which can be purchased for about $20. There are some owner ops who have a small apt in their truck, including toilet and shower. Many truck stops also have tv rooms for drivers, as well as showers. via

    Where do most truck drivers live?

    Metropolitan Areas With the Highest Number of Truckers

    Most are located in and around Houston, but the whole area boasts about 39,000. The Chicago-Naperville-Arlington Heights metropolitan area in Illinois comes in third with about 37.5 thousand resident truck drivers. via

    Can truckers talk on the phone?

    Cell phone use.

    The FMCSA regulations allow truckers to use hands-free communication devices, as long as they are located within easy reach of the driver. via

    Can semi drivers talk on cell phones?

    A new FMCSA rule restricts the use of all hand-held mobile devices by drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). This rulemaking restricts a CMV driver from holding a mobile device to make a call, or dialing by pressing more than a single button. via

    Can you use your GPS on your phone while driving?

    Voice-Operated, Hands-Free Systems

    California’s distracted driving law now prohibits driving while “holding or operating” a wireless communication device. But voice-operated, hands-free devices are exempt from the law. So, if you can operate your GPS without using your hands, you shouldn’t have a problem. via

    What podcasts do truckers listen to?

    Top 11 podcasts for truck drivers, recommended by truck drivers

  • Talk CDL Trucking Podcast.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • This American Life.
  • Big Rig Banter.
  • Serial.
  • Red Eye Radio.
  • Crime Junkie Podcast.
  • Pardon My Take.
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    What is the trucker CB channel?

    Channel 19 is the most commonly-used channel by truck drivers on highways, to the point that some radios even have a dedicated button to bring up channel 19 instantly. In many areas of the US, other channels have been used in the past for similar purposes including 10, 17, and 21. via

    What do truckers do all day?

    Truck drivers spend the majority of their day alone, without other human interaction. Most truck drivers connect with their families when they are on a break for lunch or at the end of the evening. via

    What’s the deal with truckers and toothpicks?

    Truck drivers – who are among the drugs most popular users – often soak their toothpicks in liquid methamphetamine, which gives them a mild dose as they chew on it while driving down the road. via

    How can I make my truck driver more fun?

  • Listen to audiobooks or podcasts.
  • Explore the outdoors.
  • Create a visual diary.
  • Collect mementos.
  • Exercise.
  • Take online classes.
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