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Truck Driving Companies That Don’t Do Hair Test


Jun 8, 2022

Does Schneider do a hair follicle test?

Yes. Schneider performs a hair follicle drug screen and a DOT mandated urine analysis. via

How much alcohol will show up on a hair follicle test?

In hair, the three different EtG thresholds for a positive test were: 30 pg/mg, which according to the Society of Hair Testing strongly suggests chronic excessive alcohol use 25; a USDTL laboratory standard of 20 pg/mg; and 8 pg/mg, the limit of quantitation. via

Is US Xpress a good company to work for?

USXpress Awesome place to Work

Love working for this company. Fair pay and the work/life balance that I have experienced has been unmatched by any other company that I have worked for. Love the people, encouraging and fun atmosphere, and overall respect for each other. via

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