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Skar Vs Rockford Fosgate


Jun 8, 2022

Are Skar Audio products any good?

Yes, Skar Audio is of good quality. They may not be the most high-end brand out there, but for the price, Skar Audio features a wide range of products for a great value. Their subs are hard-hitting and their speakers are precise. via

Are Skar car speakers any good?

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat speakers, especially for the price. Awesome speakers. They have great crisp highs and mids, and have amazing bass for the size, and get really low for 6.5s. via

Does Skar make good subwoofers?

The best Skar Audio subwoofer is the Skar Audio SDR-12 D2 12″ Car Subwoofer. It delivers amazing bass that will shake your car, making it the perfect choice for those who want an impressive sound quality without spending a fortune. Plus, it's priced affordably, making it a great option for those on a budget. via

Is Skar audio the same as sundown?

From reading reviews everybody says that the same spec'd speaker between a sundown and a skar is almost identical and yet skar is often times almost half price of a sundown. via

Is Skar Made in USA?

Skar Audio is located in the heart of the manufacturing district in Tampa, Florida. Our headquarters is home to the proud staff of nearly 20 people, who are audiophiles themselves and love to serve our customers everyday. via

Are Skar speakers loud?

The FSX65-4 is a powerful 6.5-inch, 4 Ohm, pro audio mid-range loudspeaker. Featuring a vented back plate design for increased thermal cooling, as well as a high temperature 1.5-inch copper voice coil, this speaker is capable of operating at the loudest volumes very efficiently.
Product Info.

UPC 852679805505


Do Skar speakers need to break in?

We find that it is usually about a week of regular music listening in a daily driven vehicle. After those initial 24 to 36 hours; you can re-tune your system back up to the original setting. Your subwoofer(s) is now broken in and ready. via

Do Skar subs hit hard?

This is the first product I've ever had from Skar audio and it's very impressive. It's been paired with Skar's RP-1500 and ran at 1ohm in Skar's 12in incloser and this thing hits hard and low. via

Does Skar make good amps?

All in all great quality product. If you are looking for a great amp at a great price, make sure to get the sk quality from skar. via

What Ohm is best for bass?

The answer to this question is subjective and depends on what you are looking for in a subwoofer. A 2-ohm subwoofer will offer louder output than a 4-ohm subwoofer, making it the better option for those looking for higher volumes. However, a 4-ohm subwoofer may offer better sound quality. via

Where are Skar subwoofers made?

To fulfill that promise, Skar Audio operates primarily from its state of the art, 100,000 sq. ft. world headquarters, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. via

Is Sundown audio worth the money?

Definitely one of the best subs on the market for $200 or less. I highly recommend and make sure you get a good amp with good power supply and these will last forever with more than what they are rated for. Sundown for life! Definitely one of the best subs on the market for $200 or less. via

Are JL Audio subs good?

The JL Audio W7 is widely considered the best car audio subwoofer in the world. These handle the most power amoung all of the JL Audio car subwoofers, and they hit hard, they are very accurate, and they are very smooth. via

What are the hardest hitting subs?

The hardest hitting subs would be the Rockford Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4-10 10″ 1000 Watt Peak / 500 Watt RMS Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer with Anodized Aluminum Cone and KICKER 44CWCS124 CompC 12 Inch competition 600 Watt 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil Car Audio Subwoofers with Polypropylene Cone and Polyurethane Surround. via

Do subs get louder over time?

Do Subwoofers Get Louder as They Break-In? Yes! It's important to remember that break-in always sounds different than your speakers will after they are broken in, but if you take care of them and listen during this process then you can achieve fantastic results. via

Do subwoofers need to break in?

Do I need to break in my subwoofer? The short answer: Yes, you should absolutely break in a new aftermarket subwoofer. If someone tells you that you can turn the bass all the way up right off the bat, you're getting bad information. Your car and new subwoofer are just getting to know each other. via

Is Sundown better than JL Audio?

They are a little smoother sub, designed more for musicality, where the Sundown subs are really SPL monsters. Don't get me wrong, I love my Sundowns, they do exactly what I want them to, but the JL's are a little better musicality wise. via

Who makes Sundown Audio?

It's not easy to build a brand in the car audio world of subwoofers and amplifiers. Especially when you are 23 years old. But that's what Jacob Fuller did with Sundown Audio, which now ranks among the top in SPL (Sound Pressure Level) subwoofers. via

Where is deaf bonce made?


Deaf Bonce is a premium brand in the SPL segment of the Russian company Alphard Group - leader in the production and supply of car audio equipment in Russia. via

How long does Skar Audio take to ship?

Skar Audio has strategically located operations within the US and can reach most of the United States in 3 to 4 business days (Oftentimes, much faster!). For orders made during normal business hours, we will attempt to ship the item the same day. via

Does Rockville make good speakers?

These speakers truly are a great deal for the price. They can get very loud and have great sound quality. I've been DJing with them for about a year and they've continued to do a great job. The only problem I have with them is that one speaker has a bad input and will occasionally cut the volume out. via

How do I contact Skar Audio?

Affirm can be reached at help@affirm.com or by phone at (855) 423-3729. via

Are Skar Subs broken?

We find that it is usually about a week of regular music listening in a daily driven vehicle. After those initial 24 to 36 hours; you can retune your system back up to the original setting. Your subwoofer(s) is now broken in and ready. via

Do subs need to warm up? (video)


How long can a subwoofer last?

The lifespan of a subwoofer can range from around 4-14 years. If it's properly maintained and not abused, the average person should be able to get 10+ years out of their subwoofer. via

How much does a Skar Evl 15 weight?

37.1 pounds

Product Dimensions 15 x 15 x 10 inches
Item Weight 37.1 pounds
Item model number EVL-15 D2
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 315 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars


What does dual voice coil mean?

A dual voice coil speaker is simply one in which two separate lengths of wire are wound together around the same former and terminated independently. Except for some exotic exceptions, both voice coils have the same number of turns and length of wire, resulting in identical electrical characteristics. via

What company makes Skar amps?

I have personally used Skar amplifiers class D and their class A/B offerings. They are not bespoke designs, Skars offerings are manufactured mostly by s&i corp in China or the SKV series by s&i in Korea. The same as many Sundown Audio, VFL/American Bass, Wolfram Audio, many others. via

Are Rockville amps any good?

OP, Rockville is a good entry level brand. You're right that their amps seem to do their rated power or, at least close to it...and cleanly. I specifically like that RXD-T2 amp they offer. Haven't heard anyone raving about their components but, their K9 series subs seems to be OK, if not a little more SPL oriented. via

How do I get more bass out of my subwoofer?

It is recommended that for optimal quality sound, you should place your subwoofer within 8-12 inches of a wall, facing outwards towards the rest of the room. For even more output, consider placing your subwoofer in the corner of your room, as it can significantly increase the overall sound due to the positioning. via

What is better for bass 2ohm or 4ohm?

A subwoofer with a lower electrical resistance produces a louder sound than one with a high electrical resistance, which means that 2ohm subwoofers are louder than 4ohm ones. Although louder, 2 ohm subwoofers are also more likely to produce a poorer quality of sound due to its' power consumption. via

Do I want 2 ohm or 4 ohm subs?

For a 2 ohm amp with its maximum power at 2 ohms, use a 2 ohm subwoofer or 2 ohm total speaker load when using multiple speakers. For a 4 ohm amp with maximum power at 4 ohms, use a 4 ohm subwoofer or 4 ohm total speaker load with several speakers. via

Does Skar have a warranty?

Skar Audio is proud to offer a 2 Year Hassle Free Limited Warranty on all products that are purchased directly from Skar Audio's official website or any authorized retailer of Skar Audio products for the original purchaser. via

How do you break in a subwoofer? (video)


Which Sundown series is the best?

Which Sundown series is the best? The best sundown series would be the V. 2 series. You're getting a high quality sub with loud and deep bass. via

How many watts can a sundown X12 take?

Sundown Audio X12 Features & Technology:

RMS Power = 1500-watts. via

Are sundown amps good?

Yes, Sundown amps are very good. Well built and good customer support. via

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