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Roof Rack Decking


Jun 17, 2022

How do you support a deck over a roof? (video)


What can I use for a rooftop deck?

https://www.designbuildersmd.com via

Can you build a deck on top of a roof?

Unless you are a professional contractor by trade, you should not attempt to build a deck on your roof. Improper design or implementation during any step of the process could result in serious injury, catastrophic damage to your home, or even death. via

How do you build a rooftop Van deck? (video)


How much weight can my rooftop deck hold?

The typical range for loading a deck are anywhere from 50 pounds per square foot (residential) to a hundred pounds per square foot (and more) for commercial decks. via

Can my roof support a deck?

Can I put a roof over my deck? In most cases, yes! If you're looking to add a roof to your deck, you can do this by installing additional supports. Unless you have construction experience, it's best to hire professionals to do this for you. via

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