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Rockford Fosgate P400x4 Review


Jun 8, 2022

What is the most powerful Rockford Fosgate amp?

The T15004 is the most powerful four-channel amplifier Rockford Fosgate has ever made. A great match for very high-power component speakers; or bridge the rear channels and power a pair of 2-ohm DVC subwoofers. A high-output alternator and large capacitor are recommended. via

Is Rockford Fosgate Prime or punch better?

Regardless, the general trend remains that punch is better than prime and both of them are outranked by the more expensive power series which will be covered in a different article. Regardless of all the comparisons, any of these Rockford Fosgate amps is going to serve you well. via

Does Rockford make good amps?

Rockford Fosgate amps are some of the best on the market. They have a solid track record and are known for their amazing products. You can't go wrong with a Rockford Fosgate amp! via

What does LP AP HP mean on an amplifier?

For example, LPF (sometimes referred to as LP) refers to Low Pass Frequencies and is used for subwoofers designed to play only the lowest notes. HPF (sometimes referred to as HP) refers to High Pass Frequencies and is used for speakers and tweeters. via

Are Rockford Fosgate amps underrated?

So I decided to take out the pdx f6 and see what the punch 400x4 could do and wow... from my testing at 14.8 volts this beast when bridged puts out 400+ rms x2 at 4 ohms at 1% thd. via

How do you adjust the LPF on a head unit? (video)


How do you set the gain on a sub amp? (video)


What is HP crossover? (video)


Is JL Audio better than kicker?

The Kicker speakers are less expensive, but the JL speakers sound better. 8" speakers have more surface area and usually handle more power than 6.5" speakers. The larger cone area and higher power handling mean that the 8" speakers play louder and give you more mid-bass response than a 6.5". via

Is Rockford Fosgate upgrade worth it?

Registered. I had the Rockford-Fosgate upgrade put in my 2021 Crosstrek Sport, and to me, it was worth the money. The sound quality is a significant improvement over the standard sound system. The down side is that it only replaces the front door speakers. via

How many watts is a Rockford Fosgate P3002?

Rockford Fosgate's P3002 is a very capable amplifier for a variety of install situations. via

Are Rockford Fosgate good subs?

Yes the Rockford Fosgate P3 series are excellent subs. As a matter of fact, it's their best subwoofer for car series ever made. It's called the Punch series and they weren't joking you can feel it and it's hard. Punch subwoofers have a big peak power, so they have very high music power ratings. via

Is Rockford P3 good?

The ROCKFORD FOSGATE P3D4-12 SUBWOOFERS are Great!!! They put out tremendous amounts of bass!!! They are one of the best subwoofers I have ever used in any of my car audio installs!!! I paired them with a ROCKFORD FOSGATE POWER T 1500-1BDCP amp at 1ohm and they do more than just get the job done!!! via

What should I set my LPF and HPF to?

I suggest you run the 4" components off the amp. If you are already doing this, then set the HPF at the HU to 80Hz and the LPF to 80Hz as well. via

What frequency should a car subwoofer be set at?

Subwoofers: 70-80 Hz (low pass), the most essential purpose of a subwoofer crossover is to block midrange sounds. Car main speakers: 50-60 Hz, the most critical element in main speaker crossovers is to block low-end bass (frequencies 80 Hz and below) 2-way speakers: 3-3.5 kHz (high pass) via

What should HPF be set at?

Recommended Starting Points:

  • Front Component Speakers - High-Pass Filter = 80 Hz (12 db or 24 db Slope)
  • Rear Coaxial Speakers - High-Pass Filter = 80 Hz (12 db or 24 db Slope)
  • Subwoofer(s) - Low-Pass Filter = 80 Hz (12 db or 24 db Slope)
  • via

    What should I set my LPF to?

    As a general rule, the Low-Pass Filter should be set at a value approximately equal to (or below) 70% of your main speaker's lowest frequency response. For example, your speaker's frequency response goes down to 43Hz. 70% of 43Hz equals 30.1, so you should set the subwoofer's low pass filter to 30Hz. via

    What is the best frequency for tweeters?

    Tweeters generally are good for around 3kHz or above, so 3kHz or 3.5kHz cutoff frequencies are usually great choices. via

    Do I need a crossover for my subwoofer?

    Full-range speakers already have built-in passive crossovers that filter the frequencies that reach each driver. Even if you add an amplifier into the mix, the built-in speaker crossovers should be more than sufficient. However, you may need a crossover if you add an amplifier and a subwoofer to that type of system. via

    Are Punch subwoofers good?

    They both sound great and I have not had any complaints. They won't blow your doors off like the P3 subs, but they sound great in the 150 to 200 RMS watt range in a recommended sealed enclosure. Definitely 5 stars for around $30, considering you get a much higher quality product and sound than what you pay for. via

    What is the biggest subwoofer?

    The biggest subwoofer in the world is an underground chamber containing 16 eighteen-inch speakers, built underneath what they call "the greatest audio room for private listening in the world". Incredibly, the sixteen speakers are all driven by one eleven-watt tube amp. via

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