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Pros And Cons Of Otr Truck Driving


Jun 8, 2022

Is OTR truck driving worth it?

Good income

On average drivers earn $50,909, while Over The Road (OTR) drivers who haul freight over long distances earn on average nearly $64,000 per year. Private fleets- those that deliver freight only for one company- often have much higher levels of pay. via

Is OTR trucking stressful?

A 2019 survey by CareerCast rated the trucking profession as one of the highest stress jobs in America. We were kind of surprised to see that the survey ranked truck driving as more stressful than professions in masonry, welding and food service. via

How often do OTR truckers get home?

When working on an OTR schedule, you will get to go home once every 3 weeks or so. That kind of work schedule can be rough on relationships or lifelong partnerships. via

How many hours a week do OTR drivers work?

Under the current hours-of-service regulations, a trucker can be on the road for: No more than 11 hours of daily driving with a 14-hour work day cap. No more than a minimum average of 70 hours a work week. If the weekly limit is reached, they can continue after 34 hours of consecutive rest. via

How much do OTR truck drivers make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $94,500 and as low as $34,000, the majority of OTR Truck Driver salaries currently range between $51,500 (25th percentile) to $70,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $82,000 annually across the United States. via

Is it hard being a OTR truck driver?

Long Periods Away From Home

Once the driver is on the road, some companies will keep them out, doing continuous trips. Some drivers don't get home for months. This is very difficult for the trucker and his family. Truckers miss a lot of regular everyday life with their families. via

Is OTR driving hard?

Truck Driving Can Be Hard, But Rewarding

Truck driving isn't always easy, but once you complete TDI's three-week truck driving school and launch your career on the road, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. A career in truck driving is a unique experience and defies the demands of a normal office job. via

How long do truckers spend away from home?

How long do drivers usually stay out on the road? Over-the-road drivers typically stay out for 4-6 weeks at a time before coming home. There are, however, many drivers who prefer to stay out longer, or take "home time" somewhere other than their actual home. via

What is it like to be an OTR driver?

What is trucking OTR? Over-the-Road truck drivers specialize in hauling freight longer distances than regional or local drivers. Many call them long-haul truckers, who travel the country for a few weeks at a time, with longer stretches of home time after. via

Do truck drivers choose their hours?

OTR truck drivers don't have set starting hours, unless they're calling in to dispatch after returning from "time off." via

How much do fleet owners make per truck?

According to trucking company Cargo Transport Alliance, the average gross per truck is between $4,000 and $10,000 per week. An owner-operator who owns a company and manages operations can earn a take-home pay of $2,000 to $5,000 a week. An investor can earn a profit of $500 to $2,000 per truck per week. via

Do truckers pay for their own gas?

Owner-operators: An owner-operator, who is usually an independent contractor, traditionally pays for fuel out of his or her own wallet, making saving money at the diesel pump very important. For many owner-operators, fuel expenses become part of their daily overhead. via

Are OTR truck drivers in demand?

As you build your reputation as a truck driver, you will become better qualified to get paid a higher rate. Experienced truck drivers are always in high demand and can expect to be paid better than their less experienced counterparts. via

What is the life of a trucker like?

A career as a trucker is very different from a career where you clock into an office from 8 to 5. Out on the road, your truck is your workplace and your home. Truck drivers work long hours and are often away from family and friends. Life as a trucker can be lonely at times, but it can also feel like one big adventure. via

Do you have to be strong to be a trucker?

Trucking Isn't Physically or Mentally Demanding

However, even the most modern and hi-tech truck won't steer itself, and maintaining control of such a mammoth takes a good amount of upper body strength. In addition, constant focus on road travels can be very mentally taxing. via

Is long haul trucking a good career?

Long-haul trucking is a rewarding job that comes with travel and a lot of autonomy. Many truckers enjoy the power of commanding big-rig vehicles and the abundant freedom of the road. Many benefits come with long-haul trucking, including a high salary. The average national salary for the trucking industry is $53,000. via

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