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Line X Seat Covers


Jun 8, 2022

Can you LINE-X a tonneau cover?

You can also choose to have your tonneau cover professionally installed at your local LINE-X Franchise. Professional installation give you the added benefits of the Truck Gear by LINE-X Lifetime End-to-End Warranty. via

How much does a LINE-X tonneau cover cost?

You cannot buy this cover with its lifetime warranty at a competitor's store, it's only available at LINE-X stores. The price is $1,099 for most short bed trucks. Installation is FREE with the purchase of a LINE-X bedliner. Come by and see our dealer display of this cover! via

Who is the owner of LINE-X?

Claudio Burtin (born 17 September 1962 in Rosario, Argentina) is an American entrepreneur, chemist, and race car driver. He is the founder of LINE-X truck bed liners and is credited with the original formulations trademarking LINE-X. via

Does LINE-X come in a spray can?

LINE-X® is not just for spray-on bedliners. You can spray LINE-X on just about anything that needs protection, from your boat, trailer and motorcycle to work trucks and fire trucks. The LINE-X range of tough, durable coatings are guaranteed to protect more than just your truck from the harshest elements. via

Does a hard tonneau cover improve gas mileage?

Without a tonneau cover, your truck bed acts like a bucket catching air that passes over it as you drive. This drag makes your engine work just a little bit harder. Tonneau covers improve your gas mileage by sealing your pickup truck bed from this airflow, which improves the aerodynamics. via

Are tonneau covers worth it?

A tonneau cover is absolutely worth the investment. From preventing loss or damage of your cargo, boosting your truck's looks, improving the fuel mileage, preventing quick wearing out as well as retaining the resale value. via

How is tonneau pronounced? (video)


Are soft tonneau covers secure?

A soft tonneau cover does protect your cargo better than no cover at all, but it isn't as safe as a hard tonneau cover. This is because the determined thief can cut through the material used in a soft tonneau cover. If security is a major concern, you may be better off buying a hard tonneau cover. via

When was bedliner invented?

In 1976, Robert J. Zeffero filed a patent regarding the protection of truck beds with a "cargo box liner for pick-up trucks". In 1983, Penda Corporation along with others would soon figure out a way to replicate the design and start to manufacture their own design of a bed liner. via

Does putting tailgate down save gas?

(Learn how we test cars.) We found that adding a tonneau cover or lowering the tailgate hurt fuel economy, rather than helped it. With the tailgate up and no tonneau, we got 22.3 mpg. Dropping the tailgate decreased efficiency to 21.5 mpg. via

Do tonneau covers keep water out?

The short answer to this question is, when properly installed, a tonneau cover will keep the vast majority of water from entering your truck's bed. To describe a tonneau cover as 100% watertight or waterproof would be inaccurate, but the most you'll usually get are a few drops intruding during a rainstorm. via

How much should I spend on a tonneau cover?

The price for a tonneau cover ranges from $200 to $1,000 depending on brand and material. The most expensive ones are made out of aluminum and cost over $1,000 while the cheapest ones are made out of vinyl and cost around $200. Many factors go into choosing which type of tonneau cover will suit your needs best. via

Why do people get tonneau covers?

A tonneau cover will help to save you money from low gas mileage, lost/damaged cargo and theft. It will also protect the bed of your truck and help to prevent serious damage that will cause repairs to be needed. But upon reselling your truck, the bed will maintain much better shape than if the bed was exposed. via

Can you break into a tonneau cover?

Soft Tonneau Covers

The mere fact that they are soft means you can easily cut through the top of the cover to access the inside! Because of this, manufacturers generally don't install locking mechanisms, instead relying on your tailgate to act as a lock (if your tail gate has a lock). via

Does Ford make a tonneau cover?

This cover is sold by Ford. It fits very well and is easy to install. It looks like a Bakflip tonneau and there are a number of very nice videos on you tube and I suggest watching it as it made the install much easier to perform. via

Why is it called a tonneau?

Origin. A tonneau was originally an open rear passenger compartment, rounded like a barrel, on an automobile and, by extension, a body style incorporating such a compartment. The word is French, meaning 'cask' or barrel, cf. “tun”. via

What does the word tonneau mean in English?

Definition of tonneau

1a : a rear seating compartment of an automobile also : the entire seating compartment. b : tonneau cover. 2 : a shape of watch case or dial resembling a barrel in profile. via

What does tonneau spell?

noun, plural ton·neaus, ton·neaux [tuh-nohz]. a rear part or compartment of an automobile body, containing seats for passengers. via

Which is better hard or soft tonneau cover?

If the most important factor in purchasing a tonneau cover is security, then a hard tonneau cover is the way to go. Both hard and soft tonneau covers will keep your belongings out of view, but hard covers take security a step further. via

Can I paint my truck with bedliner?

The bedliner paint (polyurea) from ArmorThane is tough and durable and will last long. Bedliner paint protects the inside of your truck from scratches and protects your cargo as well. Not only does it protect against scratches, but also different elements, moisture, rust, and corrosion as well as UV rays. via

What is spray on truck bed liner made of?

These coatings are typically comprised of 100% polyurethane, 100% polyurea, or a hybrid of both polyurethane and polyurea layers, and are applied to truck beds made of steel or aluminum. Several spray-on bedliner coating manufacturers exist in the market including LINE-X™, Rhino Linings™, Bullet Liner™ and ArmorThane™. via

How do you clean spray on bedliner?

  • Spray the bed liner. At this point, use a water sprayer to clean your liner.
  • Wash the bed Altogether. Once you have dirt washed out, use a cleaner to wash your bed liner.
  • Rinse and dry the liner. Use the pressure washer or water spray to rinse off the liner.
  • via

    Does running the AC use more gas MythBusters?

    A 2004 report from SAE and General Motors reached the same conclusions as the MythBusters. In their test conditions, they found that running AC was less fuel efficient than having the windows down. The test studied an SUV and a sedan at low, medium and high speeds. via

    Does a truck get better gas mileage with a camper shell?

    No, camper shells do not improve gas mileage. In fact, for what it's worth, camper shells lower your mph due to the extra weight. Another fact that we must address here is that camper shells do not improve your truck's aerodynamics. via

    How do I get better mpg?

  • Clear out the extra clutter. There are some items you should keep in your car, like an emergency kit.
  • Limit idling.
  • Keep your speed steady and within the speed limit.
  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Perform regular maintenance.
  • via

    Does idling in neutral save gas?

    Notice that shifting your automatic or manual transmission into neutral calms down your engine note and drops the rpm. That saves gas. Shift into neutral even for a long traffic light. Keeping an automatic transmission in Drive puts an extra load on it, which drains fuel. via

    How do I make my tonneau cover waterproof?

    Use The Parts That Came With Your Tonneau

    Some models come with parts meant to make them more water resistant: Water resistant seals that stick along the sides of the tonneau. These are usually included to fit in areas where the tonneau may leave a small gap, so be sure to install them carefully. via

    Are vinyl tonneau covers good?

    Vinyl. Waterproof protection at its best, vinyl tonneau covers provide a durable layer of defense against even the worst Mother Nature has to offer. More than your run-of-the-mill vinyl, these tough tonneaus are often crafted from marine-grade material with equally superior stitching. via

    Can you use Armor All on tonneau covers?

    I strongly discourage using armor all or water based protectants on tonneau covers. via

    How long does it take to install tonneau cover?

    It will typically take around 30 minutes to install most tonneau covers. via

    How do you take care of a tonneau cover? (video)


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