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How To Disable Codes With Accessport


Jun 8, 2022

How do I turn off codes on my Cobb Accessport?

Registered. Go to the cobb site and send in a request for the accesstuner race program. You can customize you maps and delete any and all codes you want. via

How do you use Cobb Accesstuner? (video)


Can Cobb Accessport read codes on other cars?

Yes. It functions just like an OBDII code reader. You do not have to unmarry it from a tuned car to read codes on another car. via

How do you edit a Cobb map?

To adjust the map slot using the Accessport, navigate to the main menu of the AP, select TUNE — ADJUSTMENTS — CHANGE MAP SLOT — Select the desired map slot. To adjust the map slot using the Accesstuner software, open the COBB Custom Features folder, select Map Switching Features Folder and make the desired adjustments. via

How do I get Accesstuner?

To get the process started, go to the Subaru Accesstuner page and click the GET ACCESSTUNER button as seen below. COBB Tuning has partnered with EFI University to provide customers sought-after Accesstuner training. This training and subsequent testing is required to gain access to the Accesstuner software. via

How do you become a Cobb Pro Tuner?


If you are new to COBB, you'll first need to be approved as a Dealer. (Your Protuner application will not be considered if you do not complete the Dealer Application.) If you are already a Dealer and wish to become a Protuner, fill out the Optional Protuner section in the Dealer Application below. via

Can you custom tune a Cobb Accessport?

Custom Tuning with Accesstuner Pro

Many COBB Protuners are still operating under an alternate schedule and are also able to custom tune cars remotely. Search our Dealer Locator to find COBB Protuners that offer e-Tuning services! via

Are Cobb OTS maps safe?

Yes they are safe. They are nothing more than a tool to simplify the tuning process (and yes they do show nifty gauges as well). As a tool though it enables you to use different maps on your car tailored to whatever modifications you have. via

How do you flash a Cobb Accessport? (video)


Can you get Accesstuner for free?

Because this is a powerful piece of software, we have decided that in order to fulfill our mission of delivering responsible and safe tuning solutions, we will require that end users attend a paid online training course and pass an evaluation through a third party educator in order to have access to download this free via

Is access tuner free?

Cobb has removed Accesstuner Race, the free version of their tuning software previously accessible to all AccessPort owners, and has announced that the new version will be locked behind a paywall - a basic online training course offered by a third party - which will cost approximately $130US. via

Where do I find my AccessPort serial number?

In the "Help" menu, click the "About AccessPort" option. C) In the "About AccessPort" menu, scroll down to "Serial Number Sticker". You should find a 10 digit serial number there. If you have a V3, it will begin with FOR, SUB, MIT, MAZ, NIS, etc (depending on your car). via

How much is a Cobb Pro Tune?

COBB PRO-Tune SPECIAL $399. via

What is Cobb protuner?

We are an official COBB Protuner, Accesstuner Pro, and Dealer. We utilize the COBB Accessport to unlock your car's hidden power but we also take it a step further… we apply our 40+ years of tuning experience and create a truly custom tune for your individual vehicle. via

Where is Cobb Tuning located?

COBB Tuning, known by the tagline "Access The Potential" is an American company providing aftermarket automobile tuning services. Founded in 1999 by Trey Cobb at Rockwall and they are now headquartered at Austin, Texas. via

Are Cobb maps free?

The maps come pre-loaded on the Accessport and are also available for a free download here. Self Tuning: Create your own custom maps for your Accessport using Accesstuner Race. via

How do I add a map to my Cobb Accessport?

On the Right hand side of Accessport Manager select "Import File(s) to Accessport" Choose the file you wish to put onto your Accessport. Click "Open" and your file will be moved over onto your Accessport. Once the transfer is finished click "Disconnect" and you're ready to go install your new map on the car! via

Does Cobb Accessport work Mac?

AccessPORT Manager 2.0 is a significant software evolution that introduces several new features, improved workflow and Mac support! AccessPORT Manager 2.0 is now available for public beta use. To download AP Manager 2.0, visit the COBB Tuning Support Page and download the software for your operating system. via

How much HP does a Cobb Accessport add?

COBB shows that Stage 1 adds about 20 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque with just the COBB AccessPort and a panel filter; Stage 2 adds 65 hp and about 75 lb-ft over stock with COBB's new EcoStang intercooler system and recommended cat-back exhaust; and Stage 3 finds a whopping 81 hp and 80 lb-ft of torque with a required turbo via

How much does Cobb charge to Unmarry?

Cobb can unmarry an AP for $325, so add that to what people charge for used married APs and there isn't usually much value there. Married Cobbs are sold by people who forget to unmarry them before selling, or total the car or don't want to lose the map on the car when selling it, or selling the AP. via

Are off the shelf tunes good?

E-tune is far superior to off the shelf. Dyno/shop tune is superior to e-tune for safety during the tuning process, as they can monitor the car's reaction in real time, not after the damage is done while you were datalogging. via

How do you Unmarry a Cobb tuner? (video)


Does uninstalling Accessport remove tune?

Registered. Just go through the menu and uninstall the accessport and you will still have all of your tunes afterwards to reinstall. via

What is a Cobb reflash?

Definitions: Reflash: Permanent flash that remains if the ECU loses power. Realtime: Temporary upload that remains until the ECU loses power or is reset. via

How do I connect my Accessport to my computer?

Connecting to the Accessport

To update your Accessport with new maps and update firmware, use the supplied USB cable to connect the Accessport to your computer. The larger end of the USB cable goes to the computer and the smaller end of the USB cable goes to the Accessport. via

How do I change my Accessport face? (video)


How do I contact Cobb?

  • 866.922.3059.
  • via

    Do I need a Cobb AccessPort for a Protune?

    No, it's not. Cobb themselves can do protunes without you owning an AP. You just won't have an AP to do monitoring or map switching. via

    What does a protuner do?

    Registered. a protune is when a tuner actually tunes your car whether it be a road tune or a dyno tune. but everything is set according to your mods and your engine. The cobb stage 1 or 2 maps are just generic maps that everyone can use. via

    How much is an STI Protune?

    Subaru WRX / STI Stratified ProTune [WRX_STI_ProTune] - $350.00USD : Stratified Automotive Controls. via

    How much does a dyno tune cost?

    Costs to Tune a Car

    Taking your car to a dyno tuning garage is the best way to not only improve performance, boost horsepower, and make the engine run more efficiently. However, initial costs can start at $400 to $700. via

    What is Cobb gold certified?

    A Gold-certified dealer, for example, is one that works with any platform for which COBB makes an Accessport. This includes Subaru, Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan GT-R, Porsche, Mazda, Turbo Ford, etc. What is this? COBB Gold-certified dealers are chose based on service, customer feedback, and purchasing power. via

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