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Dotting I’s With Hearts


Jun 8, 2022

What does it mean when you don’t dot your i’s?

If you want to improve your memory, work on dotting all your I’s and J’s as close to the top of the stem as possible,” she said. Dotting I’s with a tiny dot indicates loyalty, she added, while dotting them with a slash that goes out to the right indicates irritation and out to the left means irritation at yourself. via

How do you dot your i?

If you say that someone dots the i’s and crosses the t’s, you mean that they pay great attention to every small detail in a task; often used to express your annoyance because such detailed work seems unnecessary and takes a very long time. via

Do I have to dot my i’s?

to pay a great deal of attention to the details of something, especially when you are trying to complete a task: The negotiations are almost finished, but we still have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. via

What your handwriting says about your personality?

Large letters: You are outgoing, people-oriented, outspoken and love attention. This can also mean that you put up a front and pretend to have a lot of confidence. Average letters: You are well-adjusted and adaptable. Small letters: You are shy or withdrawn, studios, concentrated and meticulous. via

What is T’s and I’s?

Definition of ‘dot the i’s and cross the t’s’

If you say that someone dots the i’s and crosses the t’s, you mean that they pay great attention to every small detail in a task; often used to express your annoyance because such detailed work seems unnecessary and takes a very long time. via

Where does the expression dot the i’s and cross the t’s come from? (video)

Do the i’s and cross the t’s in a sentence?

I had dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s, so I wondered why my application was rejected. Before taking the project to the CEO, let’s make sure we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. She writes highly accurate reports – she always dots her i’s and crosses her t’s. via

What is dotting your eyes?

It means to pay attention to the details and refers to the tendency for people who write (longhand) in haste to forget to add the dot to the top of the ‘i’ or to cross the top of their ‘t’s. x. x. via

What does taking the bull by the horns mean?

: to deal with a difficult situation in a very direct or confident way She decided to take the bull by the horns and try to solve the problem without any further delay. via

What does letting bygones be bygones mean?

Definition of let bygones be bygones

: to forgive someone for something done or for a disagreement and to forget about it I know we’ve had our fights over the years, but I think it’s time we let bygones be bygones. via

What does a psychopaths handwriting look like?

Level of Organization: From a graphologist’s point of view, the writing of a psychopath can generally be described as relatively conformist, rather banal, with little rhythm, stiff, monotonous and abounding in abnormalities. via

Does handwriting show intelligence?

The study found that “clues about personality could be educed from handwriting.” Specifically, 6 of 16 handwriting factors could be predicted by 5 of 10 personality and intelligence factors. via

Why do doctors write badly?

Sometimes doctors themselves cannot read their own handwriting, though they sheepishly admit it to be their own. The most common reason for illegible handwriting is the large number of patients to be seen, notes to be written and prescriptions given, in a short time. via

Can we cut to the chase?

“Cut to the chase” is a phrase that means to get to the point without wasting time. The saying originated from early film studios’ silent films. It was a favorite of, and thought to have been coined by, Hal Roach Sr. via

What does it mean diamond in the ruff?

Definition of diamond in the rough

: one having exceptional qualities or potential but lacking refinement or polish. via

What does to show a clean pair of heels mean?

show a clean pair of heels in American English

to leave one’s pursuers or competitors behind; outrun. The thief showed his victim a clean pair of heels. Also: show one’s heels to. via

What is the meaning of give someone the third degree?

Definition of the third degree

: a long and intense period of questioning The police gave him the third degree [=questioned him intensely]. Mom always gives me the third degree when I get home late. via

What is the meaning of no one’s cup of tea?

If something is not your cup of tea, it is not the type of thing that you like: Thanks for inviting me, but ballet isn’t really my cup of tea. Not liking. abhor. abide. via

What is strike while the iron is hot?

Definition of strike while the iron is hot

: to do something immediately while there is still a good chance to do it. via

What does it mean when blood is thicker than water?

People say ‘blood is thicker than water’ when they mean that their loyalty to their family is greater than their loyalty to anyone else. Families have their problems and jealousies, but blood is thicker than water. via

What is the meaning of all moonshine?

Definition of moonshine

1 : moonlight. 2 : empty talk : nonsense. 3 : intoxicating liquor especially : illegally distilled corn whiskey. via

What is the meaning get one’s feet wet?

Definition of get one’s feet wet

: to begin doing a new job, activity, etc., in usually a slow and simple way in order to become more familiar with it She got her feet wet at her new job by doing some simple filing tasks. via

What does it mean to dot someone?

to love someone very much, sometimes too much: They dote on their grandchild. via

Do not throw in the towel meaning?

Definition of throw in the towel

To quit in defeat. The phrase comes from boxing, in which a fighter indicates surrender by throwing a towel into the ring: “After losing the election, he threw in the towel on his political career.” via

What does it mean to get long in the tooth?

Getting on in years, old, as in Aunt Aggie’s a little long in the tooth to be helping us move. This expression alludes to a horse’s gums receding with age and making the teeth appear longer. [ via

What does make a monkey out of you mean?

Definition of make a monkey out of

informal. : to cause (someone) to look very foolish : to make a fool out of (someone) I’m not going to let that salesman make a monkey out of me! via

What is the meaning of cream of the crop?

individuals carefully selected as being the best of a class. He was certain that the judges would recognize his show rabbit as the cream of the crop. via

What does it mean the lion’s share?

Definition of lion’s share

: the largest portion received the lion’s share of the research money. via

What is the meaning of the idiom to keep the wolf from the door?

Definition of keep the wolf from the door

: to have or earn enough money to afford things (such as food and clothing) that is needed to live They make just enough to keep the wolf from the door. via

What is the meaning butter someone up?

Definition of butter up

transitive verb. : to charm or beguile with lavish flattery or praise. via

What is the meaning of nail it?

Nailed it is an expression used to comment on the successful, skillful, or clever completion or performance of something. It’s often used sarcastically in reference to efforts that comically failed. via

Can you tell a narcissist by their handwriting?

Expects to be recognized as superior.

NPDs constantly demand attention. As such, their writing often has an air of superiority or Im better than you tone. Sometimes, they are even bold enough to come right out and say they are the best. They tend to write to incite or provoke others but it is not for action. via

How do psychopaths talk?

Studies show psychopaths usually speak in a controlled manner. They don’t emphasize emotional words like other people do. Their tone remains fairly neutral throughout the conversation. Researchers suspect they craft a calm demeanor intentionally because it helps them gain more control in their personal interactions. via

What does genius handwriting look like?

The study by Royal Mail and Tracey Trussell, a leading handwriting analyst, found you are more likely to be a genius if your handwriting slants to the right and you extravagantly cross your ‘t’s. via

What are signs of genius?

Signs of Genius in Children

  • Intense need for mental stimulation and engagement.
  • Ability to learn new topics quickly.
  • Ability to process new and complex information rapidly.
  • Desire to explore specific topics in great depth.
  • Insatiable curiosity, often demonstrated by many questions.
  • via

    What are signs of high intelligence?

    Positive signs of high intelligence

  • Good memory and thinking ability.
  • Good attitude and hard-working nature.
  • General and Tacit Knowledge.
  • Good language proficiency and reasoning skills.
  • Reliable decision-making.
  • Trusted by others.
  • High Creativity.
  • High Achievements.
  • via

    How do I know if I am intelligent?

    “A highly intelligent person is one who is flexible in their thinking and can adapt to changes, they think before they speak or act, and they’re able to effectively manage their emotions,” Dr. Catherine Jackson, licensed clinical psychologist and board certified neurotherapist, tells Bustle. via

    Which handwriting is best in the world?

    Prakriti Malla was awarded for having the Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World. It is Prakriti Malla who has the Best Handwriting In The World. Nepal awarded Prakriti Malla for possessing the Most Beautiful Handwriting In The World. And soon she became a viral sensation in the world of the internet. via

    Why do doctors wear green during operation?

    Why do doctors wear green in the operation theatre? The sight of red stains of blood over white didn’t go well with many doctors and would perturb them psychologically. By the 1950s, white gave way to shades of green, which produced lesser eye fatigue besides providing a better contrast in the environment. via

    Why does a doctor wear a white coat?

    Keeping Clothes Clean

    Dirty white clothes can be spotted easily, and thus the doctors and medical staff wear lab coats so that they will always know when it is dirty and keep it cleaner. This is essential to maintain the hygiene of themselves as well as for the health of the patients. via

    Is cut to the chase rude?

    So people say “I’m gonna cut to the chase” or “let’s cut to the chase” to inform everyone that you are deliberately choosing to skip the social/introductory stuff and you’re not meaning to be rude, you’re just short on time or you need the conversation to be as efficient as possible. That’s all for now. via

    What does it mean to be cut to the quick?

    Definition of cut to the quick

    Deeply wound or distress, as in His criticism cut her to the quick. This phrase uses the quick in the sense of a vital or a very sensitive part of the body, such as under the fingernails. via

    When did cut to the chase originate?

    The phrase ‘cut to the chase’ originated in the American film industry, when many early movies ended in a chase scene. The first printed reference to the expression comes from script direction from the 1929 Hollywood Girl: “Jannings escapes… Cut to the chase.” via

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