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Bmw M2 Engine For Sale


Jun 8, 2022

What engines are in BMW M2?

The M2 is powered by the turbocharged 3.0-litre N55B30T0 straight-six engine rated at 272 kW (365 hp) at 6,500 rpm and 465 N⋅m (343 lb⋅ft) between 1,450–4,750 rpm, while an overboost function temporarily increases torque to 500 N⋅m (369 lb⋅ft). via

Is the M2 engine forged?

Without disclosing the boost pressure, BMW ensures it’s higher than on the standard N55 engine. The M2 version also gets a forged crankshaft, forged connecting rods and more robust top piston rings. via

How much HP can a M2 handle?

With its 3.0-liter inline-six engine under the hood generating 405 horsepower (302 kilowatts), it can accelerate from a standstill to 60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometers per hour) in just 4.2 seconds and hit a top speed of 155 mph (250 kph).

Too much power for its own good?

Category Races and Chases
Body Style Coupe


Does the M2 have the same engine as the M3?

The 2019 BMW M2 Competition Shares the Same Powertrain with the M3/M4. BMW has just unveiled the 2019 M2 Competition with thrilling news. It’s powered by the M3/M4 engine from its bigger brother. The S55 engine in the car is a 3.0-litre twin-turbo online-six that generates 405 hp and a torque of 406 lb-ft. via

Is the M2 reliable?

The BMW M2 is a remarkable compact German coupe and is one of the most reliable used vehicles. via

Is B58 better than S55?

As you can see, now the B58 is really getting somewhere. It is making significantly more power than the S55 right up to 5800RPM, and over 100HP extra at 2500RPM. The only point at which the S55 is now beating the B58 is in a narrow band between 6000 and 6600RPM, and still only by a maximum of 17hp. via

Is the M240i faster than the M2?

The results showed that, at least in a straight line, the BMW M240i xDrive is faster than the full-on M model. Be it with the manual or the seven-speed DCT gearbox, on the quarter-mile, the M2 Competition was 0.3 seconds behind the M240i xDrive at 12.4 seconds, compared to the 12.1 recorded by the M Performance model. via

How much power can the N55 M2 handle?

N55 Engine Limits – Quick Answer. The N55 can handle around 550whp and 550wtq on the stock engine block and internals. via

Is the M240i better than the M2?

While the M2 has more grunt (405 hp vs. the M240i’s 382 horses), the lesser M has a very important advantage: all-wheel drive. That means it doesn’t have to worry about struggling for traction off the line. As a result, it’s able to walk away from the more aggressive, more powerful M2 in a drag race. via

Can you tune a BMW M2?

ECU TUNING. We are able to offer a complete tuning solution for the M2 Competition ECU (including later model OPF cars) using our Ecutek software. via

Is the BMW M2 twin-turbo?

The new M2’s engine will be a twin-turbo inline-six, but it’s expected to be more powerful than the outgoing version, which featured a 3.0-liter with 405 horsepower on the Competition model. via

What cars have the B58 engine?

The B58 engine was named World’s 10 Best Engines in 2016 (installed in the 340i and 440i), 2016 ,2018 and 2022 (M240i), X3 and X4 M40i, Z4 M40i ,2019 (X5) and 2019(M340i). via

Is a M2 faster than a M3?

In the powertrain department, the BMW M3 gets 431 bhp Petrol engine, whereas the BMW M2 comes in 404 bhp Petrol engine. BMW has plonked in the M3/M4’s S55 twin turbo in-line six. But it’s been down tuned to offer a tad less power, unlike the extra 20 horses you get on the M4. Torque remains the same at 550 Nm. via

Should I get an M2 or M3?

If you don’t need a lot of interior space, the M2 coupe is a good choice. This high-performance vehicle has two doors and sits low to the ground, giving it a more aggressive appearance. On the other hand, the M3 offers more room within the cabin and has four doors. via

What engine is in 2018 M2?

2018 BMW M2 models

Under the hood is a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder (365 horsepower, 343 pound-feet of torque) that’s connected to a six-speed manual. A seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission is optional. via

Can you daily drive a BMW M2?

Tremendously quick, extremely powerful, and effortlessly usable, the M2 Competition is one of our top picks for a daily driver sports car—if you absolutely don’t need usable rear seats and you’re ok with the M2 Comp’s relatively small size. via

Does BMW M2 hold value?

A BMW M2 will depreciate 45% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $33,387. The chart below shows the expected depreciation for the next 10 years. These results are for vehicles in good condition, averaging 12,000 miles per year. It also assumes a selling price of $61,160 when new. via

How much does it cost to maintain a BMW M2?

2019 M2 Coupe Competition 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M)

Year 1 Total
Maintenance $764 $12,285
Repairs $983 $7,669
Taxes & Fees $3,641 $4,556
Financing $1,780 $5,091


How much HP can a B58 handle?

B58 Engine Limits – Simple Answer. The BMW B58 engine can handle around 600-650whp and 550-600wtq on the stock block and internals. via

Why is the B58 so good?

Its pulling power is immense, capable of making even heavy SUVs properly fast. But it’s not just the power itself but its delivery. There’s torque everywhere in the rev range and virtually no turbo lag. Stomp the go-pedal in any gear, at any rpm, and the B58 explodes, with a seemingly endless surge of power. via

Does M2 have B58?

The engine in the M2 Comp is actually the old S55 unit from the BMW M4, which is now dead. What’s odd is that the BMW M140i, which is an older can than the M2 Competition, actually has a new engine, BMW’s B58 engine, which powers current cars like the M340i and X3 M40i. via

Is M2 the best M car?

I haven’t driven every single generation of M3 and M5, so I can’t look you in the eye and tell you unequivocally the 2020 BMW M2 CS is the best M car ever. But I can tell you straight to your face it’s the best M car made in the 12 years I’ve spent reviewing cars, and that time frame covers a lot of good M cars. via

What diff does the M2 have?


The M2 gets an electronically-controlled, multi-plate limited slip-differential that’s able to send up to 100 per cent of power to either rear wheel. It’s clever too – how it operate depends on steering lock, throttle position, brake pressure and yaw rate. via

Is the M2 better than the M4?

In the powertrain department, the BMW M4 gets 431 bhp Petrol engine, whereas the BMW M2 comes in 404 bhp Petrol engine. BMW has plonked in the M3/M4’s S55 twin turbo in-line six. But it’s been down tuned to offer a tad less power, unlike the extra 20 horses you get on the M4. Torque remains the same at 550 Nm. via

How long do N55 Motors last?

The BMW N55 motor should have no problem lasting over 150,000 miles, and some owners report getting over 250,000 miles out of their engines. via

Is N55 faster than N54?

The N55 twin-scroll turbo offers slightly faster turbo spool and delivers peak torque 100 RPM’s sooner than the N54; a characteristic that is not noticeable as each turbo set up spools quickly and delivers impressive torque through-out the low end and midrange. via

Is the B58 better than the N55?

As you can see, from very early on the B58 has big gains over the N55 which it holds right through the rev range. As you can see, the B58 has a very similar boost curve, but makes around 4PSI more than the N55 across virtually the whole rev range. via

What engine does a 240i have?

One of the Best BMW Engines — B58

Not only that, it’s one of the very best six-cylinder engines on the planet. In the BMW M240i, it makes 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, which helps it get from 0-60 mph in around four seconds. via

What motor does the M240i have?

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The 230i features a 255-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and the M240i has a 382-hp turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. Initially, the 230i is only offered with rear-wheel drive; the M240i is all-wheel-drive only. via

Is the M2 discontinued?

The BMW M2 has been discontinued post-fall 2020, a lucky few were able to get their hands on the swansong to this agile Beemer. BMWs have been known for comfort, technology, and sheer driving pleasure. via

What BHP is an M2?

Even in stock form, the BMW M2 Competition is a pretty potent machine. With its 3.0-litre inline-six engine under the bonnet generating 405 bhp (302 kilowatts), it can accelerate from a standstill to 60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometres per hour) in just 4.2 seconds and hit a top speed of 155 mph (250 kph). via

What’s the difference between M2 and M2 competition?

The M2 Competition has a bigger, gloss-black-finished kidney-grille, compared to the M2 Coupe’s slightly more conservatively-styled grille. The Competition’s bumper section features larger inlets for extra engine cooling. via

Is the N55 engine reliable?

N55 Reliability

Despite the many misconceptions that BMW’s as a whole are unreliable, the BMW N55 is actually a fairly reliable engine. The four most common problems with the N55 are, in no specific order, the valve cover and gasket, water pump, oil filter housing gasket, and VANOS solenoids. via

What does OG M2 mean?

OG = Original M2. Model produced between 2016-2018. Has older interior and a few minor exterior differences from new one. via

What cars have the S55 engine?

The S55 is available on multiple modern-day BMWs, including the F87 M2, F80 M3, and the F82/F83 M4. Higher-spec iterations of this engine producing more power were available with the Competition packages of the cars above. via

Is B58 engine reliable?

As we stated early, it’s tough to say what problems may become common on the B58 with age. So far, it is proving to be a reliable engine and a definite improvement over the N54 and N55. A few recalls and service bulletins do exist for the B58. via

Is the B58 better than the N54?

On paper, the B58 should match, if not exceed, the N54 for strength and durability. Although, the single turbo will likely limit its capabilities without upgraded turbo(s). via

Is the B58 in the Supra?

While the sibling BMW Z4 roadster uses the same basic drivetrain, Toyota made do last year with a variant of the B58 six that produced 335 horsepower for the Supra’s launch. This year, the 2021 Supra’s B58 makes numbers identical to the BMW Z4 M40i, with 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque. via

Which is faster M2 or M4?

The BMW M4 is the more powerful of the two but only slightly, making 425 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque as-standard. While the BMW M2 Competition makes 410 hp and 406 lb-ft. So both cars have the same amount of torque, but with the M4 making 15 more horses as-standard. via

Is a BMW M2 competition a V8?

Gone is the S55 twin-turbo inline-six engine as instead of a 3.0-liter unit, this 2020 M2 Competition is now rocking a massive 6.2-liter HEMI. Yes, it’s the V8 mill powering a series of SRT Hellcat muscle cars sold in the US. via

Is the M2 naturally aspirated?

Nonetheless, it has the S54 naturally aspirated straight-six, a manual transmission, and rear-wheel drive—basically, everything else that made E46 M3s so special. It’s a little tired, sure. via

Is the M4 faster than the M3?

Which car is faster? BMW M3 vs M4. Given that both cars utilize an identical engine and drivetrain in the current generation, depending on the transmission you choose, the M4 would be the faster car due to its weight loss over the M3. via

What is the major difference between M2 and M3?

M1, M2 and M3 are measurements of the United States money supply, known as the money aggregates. M1 includes money in circulation plus checkable deposits in banks. M2 includes M1 plus savings deposits (less than $100,000) and money market mutual funds. M3 includes M2 plus large time deposits in banks. via

What is an F80 M3?

The 2014 M3, also known as the F80, was the first turbocharged BMW M3. It featured an inline-six unit under the hood. Its 3.0-liter displacement was smaller than the former 4.0-liter V8 of the E92 M3. But it offered more power and more torque than the model it replaced. via

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