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Best Wax For Porsche


Jun 8, 2022

What wax does Porsche recommend?

Hard wax. Porsche hard wax combines perfect protection and ease of use, shielding both new and polished paintwork from the effects of the weather. via

How do you wax a Porsche? (video)


How often should I wax my Porsche?

Waxing Interval

There is no exact answer as to how often a car owner should wax their vehicle. In some cases, twice a year is enough. For others, waxing is necessary every three to four months or with the change of seasons. And some people will wax their vehicle as often as every eight weeks. via

What's the best car wax on the market?

With over 100 years in the industry, Meguiar's is a premier maker of automobile wax and has several high-quality products on the market. Not surprisingly, the brand's Ultimate Liquid Wax is considered to be the best car wax available today. via

How do you wax a Porsche 911?

  • Apply the car wax on a clean buffer pad or towel.
  • Evenly spread the wax on a small portion of the car, most recommend covering just one-quarter of a panel at a time.
  • Follow the wax's directions on when to remove the wax.
  • via

    How do you polish a Porsche? (video)


    How do I clean my Porsche?

    The golden rules of hand washing

    Friedl sprays the Porsche with water and lathers it from top to bottom with a concentrated pH-neutral shampoo dissolved in a bucket of warm water. The pad in her hand, dripping water, moves up and down as she works. via

    Can I use paste wax on a car?

    Paste car wax is a thick, occasionally hard and flaky substance designed to protect and beautify vehicle paint. Made from natural carnauba wax or synthetic wax-like polymers, it's considered by many life-long vehicle detailers to be the best form of car wax due to its superior sheen. via

    Why you shouldn't wax your car? (video)


    Is wax better than ceramic coating?

    Ceramic protectants (coatings) provide a much higher durability than wax. They resist heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants & harsh detergents much better than wax. Wax on the other hand simply sits on top of the paint's surface. It does not create the chemical bond like we find with ceramic coatings. via

    What kind of car wax do professionals use?

    There are virtually endless varieties of wax available that each brings something unique to the table. Our preferred wax is Carnauba wax, which is typically preferred among professional detailers. via

    What are the top 5 car waxes?

  • Editor's Pick: Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax.
  • Best Deal: Chemical Guys Blazin' Banana Spray Wax.
  • Best Liquid Wax: Griot's Garage Best of Show Wax.
  • Best Wax for Black Cars: 3D Cherry Wax.
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax.
  • Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax.
  • Collinite No.
  • Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Car Wax.
  • via

    What type of car wax lasts the longest?

    1. Best Longest Lasting Carnauba Wax—PRO Car Beauty Longest Lasting Carnauba Car Wax. Nothing leaves a longer-lasting glass-like shine than high-grade carnauba wax. Of all the different types of carnauba waxes, this is the best car wax for the longest lasting finish and shine of a vehicle's exterior. via

    How do you detail a Porsche 911? (video)


    Is Porsche paint hard or soft?

    It's soft and therefore corrects easily, but not too soft that the slightest wrong look will cause marring and swirls. Each car is different, and everybody will have their individual needs, however all things being equal a Porsche will require much less time for paint correction than most cars. via

    How do you polish soft paint? (video)


    How often should I wash my Porsche?

    You should be washing it at least once a month. However, if the weather is colder or you have a long commute, you should consider washing it once a week. via

    Can you take a Porsche through a carwash?

    Never, ever through a car wash with fabric or brushes. via

    How do you clean a convertible Porsche?

    First, you'll want to get together a soft scrub brush and a lot of water. Once the top is thoroughly wet, apply a fabric cleaner, and use the brush to gently dislodge dirt without damaging the top. Once you're done, thoroughly rinse the top until there's no more visible cleaning product left. via

    Is spray wax better than liquid wax?

    Easier to Apply: The liquid wax tends to be the easier of the two. Spray versions are easier than the thicker liquid substance. Lasts Longer: The average liquid wax will hold up for up to 6 months. When you get into the paint sealant department (which is a liquid wax on steroids) that can expand to up to a year. via

    Is spray wax just as good as paste wax?

    A paste wax creates a better layer of protection for your vehicle which can be extremely useful during those harsh winter OR summer months. A spray wax, however, is a great way to quickly bring out your vehicle's true shining potential between heavy wax jobs. via

    What car wax does Jay Leno use?

    Jay Leno's Garage - Hand Wax - Carnauba Creme Wax (16 oz.) via

    Is it better to wax or polish a car?

    If you have a lot of scratches or rust then polish will be the product of choice. Waxing helps to protect the car and produce a high shine. You should wax your car approximately every 3 months, but polishing only needs to be done when you notice problem spots. via

    Is Turtle wax good for your car?

    Turtle car wax is an essential component to protecting your vehicle's exterior and keeping your paint job in good condition for longer. Turtle car wax is an essential component to protecting your vehicle's exterior and keeping your paint job in good condition for longer. via

    What is the best time to wax a car?

    Car wax should ideally be applied when the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees, but wax will still be liquid at around 50 degrees, and can be put onto the car. Before waxing, do a little bit of car detailing to make sure the surface is completely clean, and then spread the wax over in small, quick circles. via

    How long does Meguiars Ultimate Paste wax last?

    Meguiar's sealants are actually pretty good. Give them a try. They last like any other typical sealant. 4-6 months is about the right amount of time for ultimate wax. via

    Does waxing a car twice help?

    You should apply wax twice a year as a minimum – once in spring ahead of the summer temperatures, and once before winter to protect against rain, snow, salt and hail. If you want to keep your car protected further, we'd recommend waxing four times a year. via

    Can you wax over old wax?

    Many waxes require a clean surface to properly bond, which means that you will need to remove any old wax before applying a new coat. via

    Do you still wax after ceramic coating?

    But after the ceramic coat is applied, many car owners wonder if you can apply wax on ceramic coatings? Well – the answer to that question is a bit sarcastic – so I'll apologize in advanced. Can you apply carnauba wax on your new nano ceramic coating? Yes you CAN. via

    Can you put ceramic wax over carnauba wax?

    Ceramic coatings should not be applied over waxes, sealants or glazes as they prevent the coating bonding to the paintwork. This reduces the durability and performance of the coating, and may lead to a streaky or smeared finish. via

    Should you wax a new car?

    These days car manufacturers cure the paint before shipping new cars to the dealership, so you can wax your car as soon as you want without fear of damaging the paint. In fact, dealers now recommend waxing your new car as soon as possible to protect it from the elements. via

    Is carnauba wax better?

    So, it's a myth that carnauba wax is “better” than synthetic wax; you could argue it provides a better finish, but it needs to be reapplied more regularly than a synthetic wax which provides better protection. But you don't have to choose. via

    How often should you apply carnauba wax?

    If water begins to pool and look flat on your paint, then chances are there is little to no protection remaining and it's advised to apply another coat of wax. A good rule of thumb is to re-apply a carnauba once a month (12 times a year). via

    Is carnauba wax good for cars?

    Carnauba wax is the preferred car wax of collectors and concours enthusiasts because it creates a rich, warm glow. It doesn't appear to sit on the paint. It transforms the paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers under changing light conditions. The more carnauba wax, the more shine. via

    Which car wax does not leave white residue?

    P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax

    The wax is actually a blend of premium carnauba wax and beeswax, making it an all-natural option. While it's not a liquid car wax, the P21S Concours Look Carnuba Wax is almost as easy to apply and remove as a liquid product. The wax won't leave white residue behind, either. via

    How long does Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax last?

    Applied correctly, you can easily get a six-month layer, but the wax layer isn't as easy to make last as long as traditional carnauba waxes. There also isn't much of a deep shine without the aid of true car polish. via

    Which carnauba wax is best?

    Best Carnauba Wax Reviews & Recommendations 2020

  • Best Value.
  • Meguiar's A2216 16 Ounce Carnauba Wax.
  • Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax.
  • Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Wax Paste.
  • Turtle Wax Black Spray Wax.
  • 303 Automotive Spray Wax.
  • Griot's Garage Best of Show Paste Wax.
  • Jax Wax Professional Liquid Carnauba.
  • via

    Can you wax a car too much?

    There's no such thing as causing damage by waxing too much. However, only one layer of wax will bond to the paint at a time. Adding more layers won't add extra protection or gloss. Waxing once every 2-3 months is optimal. via

    How long does Meguiar's Gold Class wax last?

    When used with gold class car wash and quick clay, the wax lasts 4-6 months. Buffs off quite easily. via

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