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Best Budget Snowboard Bindings


Jun 8, 2022

How much should I spend on snowboard bindings?

After you've bought a snowboard, you will need snowboarding boots. You can find a decent pair of snowboarding boots for as little as $50 to $60. More high-end boots will be in the $200 $300 range. Snowboard boots are an essential part of your gear.

Gear Price
Snowboard $300
Bindings $150
Boots $200
Gloves $100


Do snowboard bindings really matter?

Bindings are just as important as the rest. They are your direct connection to the board, they transfer your energy to it and return this energy if need be. Bindings maximise control, comfort and precision, they are a key component that can enhance your riding experience or literally ruin your day if picked wrong. via

Which snowboard binding is best?

Top 10 Snowboard Bindings for 2022

  • Best Snowboard Bindings.
  • Burton Mission Bindings.
  • Burton Genesis Bindings.
  • Union Flite Pro Bindings.
  • Union Atlas Bindings.
  • Arbor Cypress Bindings.
  • Nitro Team Pro Bindings.
  • Nitro Phantom Carver Bindings.
  • via

    Can any binding go on any snowboard?

    Snowboard Binding / Board Compatibility

    Bindings often come with multiple base plates, making them compatible with most snowboards. Most boards feature bolt mounting patterns that are 2x4 or 4x4. Some Burton boards have a diamond-shaped, "3D" bolt pattern found only on its boards. via

    Can you mix and match snowboard and bindings?

    Binding Compatibility with Snowboards

    There are a variety of mounting options and hole patterns on snowboards. Most patterns are compatible with each other, but it's good to make sure you are not stuck with the wrong set. via

    Is snowboarding harder than skiing?

    Skiing is generally easy to learn initially but is harder to master. Snowboarding is harder to learn but reaching an advanced level is easier. Although there are exceptions to this rule, it generally holds true and you can use it to inform your snow sports choice. via

    What is the difference between expensive and cheap bindings?

    Cheaper bindings will typically have less adjustments, weigh more, less comfort, and break quicker. via

    How often should you replace snowboard bindings?

    Bindings can last anywhere from 50 to 100 days. Of your snowboarding gear, boots are usually replaced most often. Boots directly contribute to every aspect of the comfort of your ride. via

    How often should you get new bindings?

    On average, you can expect them to last at least 3-4 years (depending on how hard you ride) before they start showing signs of weaknesses. Of course, if you've got the money and want to try out new bindings, nothing is stopping you from switching after 1 or 2 full seasons. via

    Are Burton Mission bindings good?

    Riders looking for one binding to do it all, at a price that'll leave some cash for beers at the end of the day. From novices all the way to advanced shredders, the Mission is a dependable and durable binding that's great value for money. via

    Which bindings should I buy?

    How to Choose Snowboard Bindings

  • All-mountain: Best for any terrain, including groomed runs, powder, park and pipe.
  • Freestyle: Best for jumps, spins, tricks and park features such as half-pipe, rails and boxes.
  • Freeride and Splitboard: Best for unmarked backcountry and sidecountry terrain.
  • via

    Are Burton step on Worth It?

    The Burton Step On Binding needs a Burton compatible boot and has less boot to binding adjustability but its super easy on/off and is really responsive. It is far from being perfect but its the first time we found a quick release binding to improve response. via

    Do all snowboard bindings fit all boots?

    In short: No. Snowboard bindings must match with the corresponding boot sizes. Some bindings even require specific boots to ride. Aside from that, most combinations of snowboard boots and bindings will work together. via

    Do I need to wax a new snowboard?

    A common question that new riders often ask is: Do you need to wax a new snowboard? And in general, the answer is "no." The tune that a snowboard receives at the end of the manufacturing process (often called the “factory tune”) is good enough for most riders. via

    Can you put Burton bindings on any board?

    Burton EST bindings are designed to work with the channel system but most other bindings are compatible or have an optional disc that is compatible. via

    Are union bindings good?

    However, the base really absorbed shocks well allowing a smooth comfortable ride even in challenging conditions. Overall, the STR are a great pair of bindings for Beginner all the way through to expert. They are very good value standing up to bindings of much higher price tags. via

    Will 4x4 bindings fit a 2x4 board? (video)


    What size bindings should I get?

    Snowboard Binding Size Chart

    Men's Binding Size Men's Snowboard Boot Size Women's Snowboard Boot Size
    Small 5 - 7 1.5 - 4.5
    Medium 7 - 10 4.5 - 7.5
    Large 10 + 7 +


    Is snowboarding losing popularity?

    Overall, snowboarding, after seeing immense popularity throughout the 2000s, dropped in participation by 28% from 2003 to 2013. After interest in the sport dwindled with hobbyists and amateurs, some professional athletes suffered financially. via

    Can I learn to snowboard in a day?

    Is it possible to learn to snowboard in a day? It is absolutely possible to learn to snowboard in a day. We do this each and every day with beginners who want to try something new, or people who have been off the board for way too long and need to start from scratch. via

    Is snowboarding a good workout?

    Skiing and snowboarding are thrilling activities and great workouts. Both sports are excellent cardiovascular exercises that strengthen the heart. Because they are also weight-bearing exercises, they strengthen your bones as they tone your muscles. via

    Why are snowboards so expensive?

    Snowboards are so expensive to purchase because they are expensive to make. Materials used to make a single snowboard (base, edges, inserts, sidewalls, core, tip/tail spacers, glass fiber, epoxy, carbon fibers and top sheet) cost between $50-$200 dependent on if they are bought in bulk or individually. via

    Why are ski boots so expensive?

    Boots are incredibly expensive to manufacture on a large scale and trying to do it on any type of small numbers basis is suicide, the molds for the shells cost many thousands of dollars for one full size run of one model of boot. via

    Do ski bindings matter?

    Ski bindings are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of ski equipment. Not only does having the right ski binding prevent unwanted pre-releases - which can cause nasty crashes, but they also allow your boots to release safely when you do fall, helping prevent injuries that keep you off the slopes. via

    Are old snowboards worth anything?

    Some early wooden boards like a 1977 Burton prototype have sold for as much as $31,313.13 on eBay to collectors with deep pockets. But despite a handful of these high bidders, theres still no real way to determine how much an old used snowboard is actually worth. via

    Do snowboards expire?

    You Only Need to Replace a Board or Skis When You Have To

    There isn't an expiration date on skis and snowboards, so while you'll often see a number between 80 and 100 for how many days of skiing or snowboarding you'll get out of your gear there is no predicting how many it will actually be. via

    How can I get faster at snowboarding? (video)


    How do you tell if a snowboard is worn out?

    Snowboards are built to have 'pop' this is the term given to the energy and rebound that the board generates and helps you give life to your riding. Pop gives your lollies extra hight, and gives you more speed out of turns. If the board feels dead or lacks this pop, then that is a sign it needs replacing. via

    How long should snowboard boots last?

    Final words

    A good quality pair of snowboarding boots should be able to last between one and two full seasons (50-70 days) of hard riding. If they pack out or wear-out within a short period of time, make sure you keep your receipt of purchase and ask about the warranty. via

    How do you know when you need a new snowboard? (video)


    What is Burton EST?

    Their EST bindings are designed to only fit snowboards that use the “Channel” system, like Burton's snowboards. EST bindings can't be mounted on snowboards that don't use the channel system. Their Re:Flex bindings can mount on any snowboard with a 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 mounting system as well as the channel system. via

    How do you fit Burton Mission bindings? (video)


    How do you adjust the Burton Mission bindings? (video)


    How do you choose snowboard bindings for beginners?

    The best flex for a beginner snowboard is soft or medium-soft and it is a good idea to match your snowboard flex with your binding flex. Secondly, a softer flexing binding will be more forgiving of errors, and make it easy to maneuver at slower speeds. via

    What are stiff bindings good for?

    A stiff binding provides quick response and control, whereas a soft binding is more forgiving or slow in its response. via

    Are step on bindings good for beginners?

    Step on bindings are a great way to make snowboarding more approachable for beginners, but that doesn't mean that only beginners should ride them. To shed some light on step on bindings and who should ride them, the ASO Mammoth team has listed the most important things to know about step on bindings below. via

    Do pros use step ons?

    Pros either use what they've been sponsored to use, or what they prefer. If they're sponsored to do it, then it's just an advert. via

    What is buttering in snowboarding?

    Buttering is a cool trick to be able to do on your snowboard. It's when you start balancing on just your nose or tail of you board. Think about applying butter on a piece of bread and that's where the term buttering comes from. It's easier to butter on snowboards that are softer in their flex pattern. via

    What happened to step in snowboard bindings?

    Really what happened is they improved to a point, but could not keep up with strap setups. There were some durability issues too. People that used step in's started going back to straps and the market shrunk. Manufacturers quit pouring research into something that had a dwindling demand and they pretty much died. via

    Can I wear regular boots to snowboard?

    Using regular snow boots for snowboarding will not provide the required ankle support and binding fit. Compared to true snowboard boots, you will have a lot less heel and toe control in turns and the boot may slip out of the binding. The result is a high risk of foot, ankle, and leg injury. via

    What size snowboard do I need for my height and weight?

    Step #1: Use Your Height, Weight, Boot Size and Riding Style

    Rider Height (in) Rider Weight (lbs) Snowboard Size (cm)
    5ft 6in 140 – 155 149–157
    5ft 8in 150 – 165 154–162
    5ft 10in 160 – 175 159–167
    6ft 170 – 185 160+


    How do you tell if your boots fit your bindings? (video)


    Can I use a candle to wax my snowboard?

    No, you should never use candle wax on a snowboard. You should only ever use wax sold specifically for waxing a snowboard or skis. Using candle wax can actually ruin your board and make it go slower on the slopes. via

    How often should you sharpen snowboard edges?

    As a general rule, you should look to get it sharpened once a year, unless you are an avid snowboarder (in which case you may want it sharpened more often). Normally new snowboards come pre-sharpened so that shouldn't be a problem for new buyers – which is one less worry from your mind! via

    How much does it cost to get your snowboard waxed?

    Snowboard Tuning

    Services for Snowboards Price
    Debur & Wax $30
    Hot Wax $20
    Wax $10
    Wield (per inch) $10


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