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Bear Creek Underground Bunker


Jun 8, 2022

Where is the underground bunker at Bear Creek?

Located in the Belknap region, players can find the Bear Creek Hot Springs Bunker Hatch along the mountain wall that surrounds the camp. You’ll find the hatch on one of the entrance/exit paths to the camp. via

Where is the underground bunker at Bear Creek Hot Springs ambush camp?

Bunker Is To The Left Of Hot Springs Area

When searching for the bunker entrance, head to the upper left part of the hot springs area. You’ll find the entrance there. via

Where is the Berley Lake bunker?

Located in the Berley Lake region, players can find the Berley Lake Bunker Hatch hidden behind several large rocks that are located just South East of the yellow school bus, along the large rock wall. via

Where is the Aspen Butte bunker?

Aspen Butte Ambush Camp

Located in the Highway 97 region, players will find the bunker hatch inside the stone building that can be found towards the Southern end of the Ambush Camp. This building has been known to be a hot spot for enemies, so be careful. via

How do I get to Nero research site west of Hot Springs? (video)

How do you beat the Hunter ambush camp?

In order to complete the Ambush Camp Hunter quest line and Trophy, you will need to clear out all 14 Ambush Camps in game. Not only do Ambush Camps clear the fog on the map, but they also reveal other Collectibles in the area and also provide Crafting Recipes. via

How do you open bunker days gone?

It’s worth to start searching for the bunker after the radio tower starts working again. Get to a small building on the campsite (image 1). Entering it, find a square metal hatch in the floor (figure 2). Deacon crack it up with a knife and open access to the stairs that allow you to go down into the bunker. via

Where is the bunker at Cascade Lakes Railway?

Bunker Entrance Is By Crates & Broken Train

The bunker entrance in this area is a little difficult to locate. Go through the broken train and check the crates next to it. You’ll spot the bunker entrance behind the corner of the bunch of crates. via

Where is Aspen Butte days gone?

Aspen Butte Ambush Camp is an ambush camp in Days Gone. It is located in the Highway 97 region. via

How do I get to the Nero site in Crater Lake? (video)

How do I get to Nero research site in Highway 97? (video)

What is Nero in days gone?

The National Emergency Response Organization, commonly shortened to N.E.R.O., is a faction in Days Gone. via

How many camps are in Days Gone?

Coming up we have all 14 of the Days Gone Ambush Camp locations marked on the map so you can find and deal with them faster. via

Where is the bunker in ambush camp hunter Days Gone?

Located in the Cascade region, the bunker can be found directly underneath the electrical tower with the blueprints for the cocktail down below. via

Where is the bunker in ambush camp Hunter?

Belknap Caves Bunker Location: The bunker is located up the hill on the side where the fewest enemies were (straight above the cave where the Freakers sleep). It’s the opposite side of the camp where the Sniper is found. via

How long is the Days Gone?

The campaign in Days Gone can range wildly from 30-60 hours. On the low end, those looking to make a straight run through the story on lower difficulties should be able to rush the experience in around 30-35 hours. Even those beelining for the end should be prepared to invest ample time. via

How do I find roach Days Gone?

Locate Roach

Drive to the marker on your map. Once there, you’ll see a small box on top of a rock outside these stone walls. The box has a magnifying glass icon. Examine this box. via

How many missions are in Days Gone?

How Many Missions Are In Days Gone? In total, there are 158 missions in Days Gone, including optional or side missions. All of the missions in the game are of varying length, with some being incredibly short and others being somewhat longer. via

Where is the Spruce Lake bunker?

Located in the Crater Lake region, the Spruce Lake bunker hatch can be found inside the large Black and Red tent. You will find the hatch near the center of the tent. via

How do you get to Nero Island? (video)

How do I get to Wizard Island Crater Lake days gone?

Wizard Island is the largest encampment in the game. It is located in the center of Crater Lake region. The southern part of the map is inaccessible through the majority of the game. You need to reach the point of the game where Deacon decides to head south to look for information about Sara. via

Is there a horde at Spruce Lake Nero checkpoint?

This location also doubles as an ambush camp, with a local horde inside the tunnel. If you cleared the ambush camp first, sleep there during the night so when the time switches to day, the checkpoint will be free and you can work on restoring its power. via

Is there a horde at Spruce Lake Nero checkpoint? (video)

How do I get to the Nero research site helicopter? (video)

How many Nero injectors are there in days gone?

There are 30 Days Gone NERO Injectors for you to collect in all – that’s 10 for each ability – and you may not want to focus on just collecting all of one upgrade to start with, but rather build up all your skills in tandem. via

How many speakers are in pillette bridge Nero?

There are two speakers on the poles. The remaining two speakers are on the NERO building itself. via

What is the secret ending in Days Gone?

The Secret Ending

It means clearing out every Freakers Horde, all of the Ambush Camps, obtaining all the IPCA tech, etc. Having done that, overcome the final battle of the game and let the credits roll. Once that happens, you’ll find yourself back in the world to finish anything that you may have missed. via

What caused the zombies in Days Gone?

The Freaker Virus, also known as the Hooligan Virus, is a viral infection that causes mutations in humans and other fauna, turning them into Freakers. Its spread across the world is responsible for the apocalyptic landscape seen in Days Gone. via

What are the best weapons in Days Gone?

  • 1 Chicago Chopper. Styled on the famous Tommy Gun, this is the best weapon that a player can get in Days Gone.
  • 2 . 50 BFG.
  • 3 Stinger SMG.
  • 4 MWS.
  • 5 PPSH-41.
  • 6 PDW.
  • 7 Boozer’s Shotgun.
  • 8 Drifter Crossbow.
  • via

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    What is the best melee weapon in Days Gone?

    The Superior Metal Axe is by far the best Melee weapon in the game and has maxed out damage and durability. It does last for a maximum of 50 attacks with the former losing just 2% durability in exchange for just a hit. via

    Is Crater Lake in Days Gone?

    The Crater Lake Visitor Center is a location in Days Gone. It is located in the Crater Lake region. via

    How do you make a ripper AXE?

    Ripper Axe – To unlock this recipe, players will need to complete the raid on the Ripper’s camp and complete the mission They Will Never Stop. Ripper Club – This crafting recipe becomes available after you complete the raid on the Ripper’s camp and complete the mission They Will Never Stop. via

    Where is the tower in Days Gone?

    Cascade Radio Tower is an Ambush Camp in the Cascade region. It is first seen during the No Starving Patriots mission where you have to search a nearby bunker. via

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