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3500 Badland Winch Review


Jun 8, 2022

Where are Harbor Freight Badland winches made?

Harbor Freight's Badland winches are designed in Calabasas, California at our state-of-the-art design center and built by our industry's leading manufacturers of tools. via

Are Badland winches made in China?

All of the Warn winches (except their cheaper VR series) are made in the USA using parts sourced globally. The Badland will be made in China using parts sourced horribly. via

Are Badlands winches waterproof?

The entire winch and control box except for the remote control is rated IP 66 "water resistant." via

How much does a 3500 pound winch weigh?

Corded remote

ProVantage 2500 ProVantage 3500
Gear Ratio 154:1 154:1
Brake Roller Disk Roller Disk
Kit Shipping Weight 29.5 lbs. (13.4 kgs) 29.8 lbs. (13.5 kgs)
Rope Wire, 3/16" x 50' (4.8mm x 15 m) Wire, 3/16 x 50' (4.8mm x 15 m)


Are Badland winches made by warn?

The Harbor Freight Badlands winch is not on the level of the Warn Zeon winch. The closest comparison in the Warn line would be the VR series of winches and that's what the VR series were designed to do, be Warn quality and backed by the Warn name, but with a price closer to the off shore winch brands. via

How much is a Badlands winch?

Compare with similar items

This item Badland Winches 2500 Lb. Electric Atv Utility Winch TYT 12V 3500 lb Electric ATV/UTV Winch, Off-Road Waterproof Steel Cable Winch for ATV UTV Towing Trailer Winch with 2 Wireless Remotes and Winch Mounting Plate(3500 lb Winch)
Price $13499 $119.99$119.99
Sold By OKB85 TYT-4WD


What is the best winch on the market?

Best Winch in 2022: Reviews

  • Champion 10000 lbs Truck SUV Winch.
  • Smittybilt 10000 lbs Synthetic Rope Winch.
  • WARN 103252 VR 10000 lbs Electric Winch.
  • STEGODON New 9500 lbs Electric Winch.
  • FIERYRED 4500lbs Electric Synthetic Rope Winch.
  • ZESUPER 9500 lbs Electric Winch.
  • X-BULL 13000 lbs Synthetic Rope Winch.
  • via

    Who makes rough country winch?

    Rough Country was started in 1986 by Gridiron Capital to help serve the automobile industry. This means that it has been around for about 36 years. They manufacture different types of SUV kits like steering tops, wheels, tires, lights, winches, and other automobile accessories. via

    Is warn Made in USA?

    Warn's non-VR winches are assembled in Oregon with some globally sourced parts. They continue to manufacture substantial parts of their winches at the Oregon factory, like machining cases and gears. The Warn VR line is fully made in China. via

    Do Badland winches have a warranty?

    We guarantee your Badlands product against defects in materials or workmanship under normal wear and tear for the life of the product. If at the time you purchase one of our products, it does not exceed your expectations, return it and we will exchange or refund your purchase. via

    How long does a winch last?

    How long a synthetic winch rope will last is dependent on the owner and the way they use their winch. Assuming your rope is in good working condition, 10 years is usually the suggested replacement period. via

    How wide is Badlands winch?

    Badland Winch Specs

    Badland Winch Specs
    Cable: 0.375-inch diameter, 100 feet
    Cable nominal strength: 14,400 pounds
    Dimensions: 20.9 x 6.4 x 8.3 in
    Mounting Pattern: 10.0 x 4.5 in


    How much can a 3500 lb winch pull?

    Trailer Winch Capacity

    Rated Line Pull (RLP) Slope Percent
    10 percent 100 percent
    2,500 lbs 12,563 lbs. 3,213 lbs.
    3,000 lbs 15,075 lbs 3,854 lbs
    3,500 lbs 17,588 lbs 4,499 lbs


    What can a 2500 lb winch pull?

    So how much weight can a 2,500 pound winch pull? A 2,500lb winch can pull a 7,500lb truck out of a tuff spot. via

    Is a 2500 lb winch enough for ATV?

    2500 Lb.

    It's the perfect amount of pulling power for almost any ATV or lightweight side-by-side. And regardless of your vehicle size, if all you need a winch for is operating a snow plow, this winch should be all you need. via

    What size winch do I need?

    To figure how much winch your vehicle needs, add at least 30 percent to the working GVW. Say, for example, your working GVW comes to 6,700 pounds. That means you should be looking for a winch that will provide at least 8,000 pounds of working load capacity. via

    Where are Sherpa winches made?

    Sherpa build the highest quality winches on the market. Designed, tested and assembled in Australia to meet the harshest demands of the outback. This website is dedicated to servicing our US customers and guess what? Shipping is FREE to mainland USA. via

    Are fiery red winches any good?

    I put this winch on the front of my car trailer and it is great. The wireless remote makes it super easy to steer cars up the ramps while it is pulling. So far it has been strong enough to pull up 66 chevys and 68 AMX's no problem. via

    Which is better synthetic rope or steel cable?

    Made from hi-tech polyethylene, synthetic rope is considerably safer than steel cable and is now mandatory in most major sanctioned off-road events. Significantly lighter than steel cable, synthetic rope doesn't store as much energy as a steel cable does, meaning it won't become as much of a projectile if it breaks. via

    What size winch is good for a car trailer?

    We typically recommend the 9.5k winch for most carhauler and tilt trailers and the 12k/17.5k winches for gooseneck, pintle, and heavy tilt trailers. via

    How do you wire a winch in Badlands? (video)


    What is the strongest winch?

    Introducing the WARN Olympus 22 and WARN Olympus 25 with 22,000 lb. and 25,000 lb. capacities, respectively. Developed to meet the demanding standards of today's Industrial and Military customers, these winches are the most powerful DC-electric units in the world via

    What should I look for when buying a winch?

    You always want the vehicle winching to be running if possible. If your adventures often involve water and mud, look for a winch with a minimum of an IP67 rating. An IP68 rating is even better as this denotes that the winch can be operated continuously underwater without harming it. via

    What is the strongest winch in the world?

    A few figures:

  • winding speed with max load @ 17m per min(1 km/h), and up to 30 m per min empty,
  • 6-mm diameter steel cable, supplied by RÉEL,
  • weight of the traction winch: 145 tonnes,
  • weight of the storage winch: 94 tonnes.
  • via

    Are Rough Country winches waterproof?

    Overview. Rough Country's PRO Winch Systems offer professional recovery at an incredible price! Our high-powered, high-quality recovery solutions are IP67 Waterproof and sure to come in handy when the situation gets a little murky. via

    Does Rough Country have a warranty?

    A lot of things can happen on the road less traveled, and Rough Country has you covered! We're confident in our high-quality products so we're giving you more peace of mind and more bang for your buck! Rough Country Suspension Systems offers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on most suspension products. via

    How much does a 9500 winch weigh?

    Smittybilt Gen2 XRC Comp 9500 Synthetic Winch 98495 Specs

    Rated capacity 9500 lbs. @ 6.23 ft/min
    Weight 46 lb
    Line 98.5' 3/8" Synthetic
    Size 20.88" X 6.3" X 7.4"
    Attributes Electric IP67 Wired Synthetic


    Is there a winch Made in USA?

    WARN Industries: Made in America Winches that Can Pull You Through. via

    Are smittybilt winches made in China?

    I'll give you Warn has been around a long time. They ARE made in the USA. They have the best brand recognition in the Winch Biz. via

    Where is smittybilt made?

    Smittybilt's team of dedicated engineers designs and develops products at their R&D and Manufacturing facilities in Southern California and rigorously tests those products against normal wear and tear – but more importantly tests their products for off-road use and hazards. via

    What is duty cycle on a winch?

    Duty cycle is the ratio of how long something is 'on' to how long it is off. Some things are rated continuous, meaning full on all the time, other things, like winches, have a duty cycle. The problem is motor heating. You just can't run 300-400 amps through a small motor like winches have without heat building up. via

    How much is a 12000 pound Warn winch?

    Compare Similar Winches

    current product
    Warn DK2 DK2
    VR12 12,000 lb. Winch Samurai Series 12,000 lb. Capacity 12-Volt Electric Winch with 85 ft. Steel Cable Samurai Series 12,000 lb. Capacity 12-Volt Electric Winch with 98 ft. Synthetic Rope
    $74262 /box $81715 $106919
    (0) (0) (1)


    What is a winch used for?

    A winch is intended to be used with the pulling vehicle or anchor stationary as part of a static pull. Unspooling winch line to a stuck vehicle, throwing the unstuck vehicle in reverse and giving a yank (kinetic pull) on the stuck rig is very hard on the winches brake and drivetrain. via

    Can I put a synthetic rope on my winch?

    Can you put synthetic rope on a cable winch? Yes, you can put synthetic rope on a winch designed for steel cable. However, the brake drum in the winch might not be able to cool as well because steel cable acts like a heat sink, while synthetic rope may act more like an insulator trapping heat. via

    How good is synthetic winch rope?

    Synthetic rope is a great product for many vehicle recovery situations. If you winch a lot and are concerned about weight, synthetic can be a great option since it is lightweight and easy to handle. It doesn't develop sharp burrs like steel rope, and doesn't store as much potential energy when under load. via

    How do you keep a winch cable from rusting?

    Spray lube with teflon such as one made for motorcycle chains. Just spray it on the cable while its on the roller. This is what i have done to keep mine from rusting/corroding. via

    How much does a Badlands winch weigh?

    IP 66 Weather Resistant Off-Road Vehicle Electric Winch with Automatic Load-Holding Brake : Automotive.
    Technical Details.

    Manufacturer ‎Badland
    Brand ‎Badland ZXR
    Item Weight 84 pounds
    Product Dimensions ‎19 x 7 x 11 inches
    Item model number ‎63770


    How many amps does a Badlands winch use?

    The Badland winch 9k has a power draw of 300 amps at full load. You need a deep cycle 12V AGM battery that can handle that amperage. I recommend a battery with 650 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). via

    What size wire do I need for a 12000 lb winch?

    4/0 is the correct sized wire for a 12,000 lb winch drawing 360 amps, for any sized run, but the Winch manufactures still use 2-gauge which is not even close. via

    What size battery do I need for a 3500 lb winch?

    Expert Reply: You will need a 12 volt battery that is rated for more than 55 amps to power your electric winch. Any battery that meets those requirements should work well for you. For most winches that usually means a car battery. via

    How do you double the pulling power of a winch?

    If you want to double the power of your winch, or if the anchor point is too close to let out enough cable for a strong pull, use a snatch block to double the line. Using a snatch block will double your load capacity and will allow you to spool out more cable to reach the maximum rating of your winch. via

    How strong of a winch do you need?

    The heavier the vehicle, the more powerful winch you'll need. Your winch should be able to pull at least 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle. You can calculate it by taking the gross vehicle weight and multiply it by 1.5. This is the minimum rating, but certain factors can make your winch capacity be exceeded. via

    How much can a 2000 pound winch pull?

    The rated line pull of 2,000 lbs. will pull a rolling load of 10,050 lbs. up a 6 degree incline, but as the incline increases, the rolling load capacity will decrease. Also, those loads are based on the just one layer of wire wrapped around the drum. via

    How do you increase the speed of a winch?

    You can use a double line or triple line to increase the pulling power of the winch. In turn, you make the winch work faster. You can also make a winch run faster by building it with the right motor, clutch, and using an effective winch rope. via

    Is 2000 lb winch big enough?

    A rating of 2500 lb to 3500 lb will be suitable for most ATV winching applications. Smaller ATVs require a smaller winch than larger machines do. via

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