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20w50 Vs 15w40 Motorcycle


Jun 8, 2022

Is 15w40 better than 20w50?

If you have a new engine that takes 15w40 it is best to use 15w40, but if you have a wore down 300,000 mile engine that takes 15w40, then 20w50 is probably king because you have thicker lubrication there, and it stick on your bearings, and all around moving parts more making it not wear out as fast. via

Is 15w40 good for motorcycles?

You should not use truck oils in your bike, especially something like an R1. If you"re going to run the bike hard and hot for long stretches, like on a track, then you need to use something equivalent to Motul 15w40 (or even 15w50) that has been specially formulated for bikes. via

Can I use 20W 50 for my motorcycle?

Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 motorcycle oil is specifically recommended for lubrication of four-stroke motorcycle engines in high-performance motorcycles and meets or exceeds standard industry quality levels. via

Can I mix 20w50 with 15w40?

Unless you are at the fringes of temperature range for the 15w-40 oil, putting the 20w-50 in isn't going to change the viscosity of the oil enough to damage anything. via

What is the difference between 15W-40 and 20W 40?

Originally Answered: What is the difference between 15w 40 and 20w 40? 40 is viscosity at 100°C , that means both have around same viscosity at 100°C but viscosity of 15w40 at 40°C is at 109 and 20w40 at 40°C has 121, 20w40 is thicker than 15w40 and and it is not recommended for cold climates. via

What is 15w40 oil used for?

ADVANTAGE 15W-40 HEAVY DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OIL can be used with complete success in over-the-road diesel trucks, off-highway diesel equipment, farm tractors, and passenger cars and light trucks with diesel, turbo-charged diesel engines, or gasoline engines and is backward compatible with previous API Oil Categories. via

Is diesel oil OK for motorcycles?

Yes you can. Oil specifically for Diesels has more ability to keep crap in suspension than oil for gasoline engines. Whilst it's true motorbikes have wet clutches running in oil, if you can't get specific motorcycle oil then the diesel variant will do the job. Diesel oil is not more 'slippy' than any other oil. via

Can heavy duty diesel oil be used in motorcycles?

In terms of motorcycle engines and transmissions, diesel motor oils can provide (occasionally) adequate service. Motorcycle oil made from diesel will not provide the best value, however. Due to the absence of friction modifiers, diesel engine oils are suitable for use in motorcycle engines. via

Is 20w50 good for petrol engine?

Virtually every mechanic recommends the use of 20w50. 20W-50 engine oil is no good for modern engines, regardless of the mileage. It is too thick, and flow to sensitive areas like multivalve cylinders, VVT / VANOS and any other timing adjusters that rely on instant oil pressure will be impeded. via

What if I put 20w50 instead of 10W40?

If you use 10W40 in a car that requires 20W50 for an extended period of time, you can damage the engine. If you use 20W50 in a car that requires 10W40, you can damage the engine as well. via

Can I use 15w50 instead of 20w50?

Yes you can use 15w50 instead of 20w50 and vice versa. via

Is it OK to use 20w50 instead of 20W40?

20W40 is suitable for hotter climates and will not cause sludge as opposed to 20w50 which is more appropriate for hotter conditions. But, it has more drawbacks than 20w40. For example, it will only pass two or three cold starts in a colder climate but nothing beyond that. via

What happens if you mix oil viscosity?

It is always advisable to not mix motor oil brands, however, different viscosity grades of the same brand motor oil are compatible. Be aware that mixing viscosity grades will turn out a product that is different in viscosity than either what was originally in the engine or what was added." via

Will 20W 50 hurt my engine?

If you use 20W-50 oil in an engine that requires 5W-30, for example, you won't notice any immediate engine damage. But your vehicle will experience engine wear each time you start your engine at a low temperature. via

Can thick oil damage engine?

It's best to use the oil viscosity recommended in the owner's manual, but using a slightly thinner or thicker oil (lighter or heavier viscosity) generally poses no long-term harm. via

What is 20W 40 oil used for?

It provides strong oil film for lubrication and total protection to engine viz. protection from rust, corrosion, with reduced wear under a wide temperature range in air-cooled new generation 4 stroke motorcycles. via

Is 15W-40 good for petrol engines?

Vehicle & Fuel Types

Semi Synthetic 15W-40 is suitable for use in passenger cars, 4WDs & light commercial vehicles and is compatible with Petrol/LPG (Dual Fuel), E10, Diesel (without DPF) and most other conventional fuels. via

Can I use 15w50 instead of 20W40?

It will do no damage. via

Is 15W-40 oil fully synthetic?

Mobil Delvac™ Extreme 15W-40 is a synthetic, high-performance diesel engine oil that helps extend engine life while providing long drain capability for modern diesel engines operating in extreme conditions. via

What does 15W-40 stand for?

The first number 15W is the viscosity of the oil at cold temperature, and the second number 40 is the viscosity at 100 °C. The 15W40 designation means that the oil is a multigrade oil. It has the viscosity of 15W when cold and the viscosity of SAE 40 when hot. This means that one type of oil works in all temperatures. via

What is the difference between 20W50 and 10W40 engine oil?

10W40 oil has a 40th viscosity grade, while 20W50 has a 50th viscosity grade. This means 10W40 is more viscous than 20W50 at low temperatures making it best for winter vehicles. On the other hand, 20W50 is best for use in hotter climates. Keep in mind to stick to the prescribed viscosity grade by the manufacturer. via

Can you use Rotella oil in a motorcycle? (video)


Can you use motor oil in a motorcycle?

Passenger car motor oils also contain friction modifiers which could lead to slipping and acceleration loss in a motorcycle. And modern cars require lower viscosity motor oils that may not protect gears properly in a motorcycle and could lead to gear failure. via

Can I use 15w40 in diesel generator?

15W-40 GENERATOR OIL is recommended for all RV diesel generators. It is formulated for severe temperatures and its 15W viscosity at low temperatures allows it to replace conventional 5W-40 oils in RV diesel generators. via

Can you use 15w 40 in a Harley Davidson?

Like a diesel engine, a Harley engine is classified as “heavy duty” use. So, many of the additive packages they put in the oils are very similar. If you're going to do this, our suggestion is to at least use full synthetic 15w-40 heavy duty diesel oil. via

Is it OK to use diesel oil in gas engine?

Yes, you can use diesel oil in a gas engine, provided the diesel oil meets the appropriate specifications and viscosity requirements of your engine. via

Can I use Delo Gold for motorcycle?

This product is not recommended for motorcycle engines. via

Is 20W50 synthetic?

This oil is a full synthetic oil, meaning crude oil is not used in making it. via

Which oil viscosity is better for warm climates?

A climate that experiences warmer temperatures all year long may necessitate a heavier engine oil such as an SAE XW-30 or XW-40 grade - one able to resist the breakdown that comes with higher operating temperatures by ensuring proper and adequate film thickness and the protection of critical engine components. via

What 20W50 means?

The numbers 20W50 refer to the viscosity of the motor oil, set by the Society of American Engineers. This refers to its fluidity or thickness. The "20W" indicates how quickly the engine will start when cold or in cold weather. The "50" refers to the thickness of the oil when the motor has been running for a while. via

Which motor oil is the thickest?

Importance of a Viscosity Scale

In order to have a standard way to measure the viscosity of engine oil, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed a viscosity scale. The scale ranges from 0W, which is the thinnest type of oil, to a rating of 60, which is the thickest oil. via

What oil can I use instead of 20W50?

5w50, 15w50 and 10w60 tend to be the alternatives. via

What's the difference between 15w-50 and 20w 50 oil?

15W50 oil is thicker than 20W50 oil, which makes it better at resisting heat build-up. However, it is also more viscous, which can make it harder to flow in cold weather. 20W50 oil is thinner and less viscous than 15W50 oil, making it easier to flow in cold weather but less resistant to heat build-up. via

What is the difference between 20W50 and 15W50?

The answer is that the 20w50 has more viscosity and therefore requires less energy to pump. It also has better lubrication properties than 15w50, which makes it easier for the engine to start and run. via

When should I use 15w-50 oil?

15W-50 has historically been a viscosity recommended for high performance engines, and is used today primarily in motorsports racing where engines are stressed due to high revving and heat. via

Which engine oil is good for bike?

Best Engine Oil for Bikes Reviews

Engine Oil Best For Engoil Oil Type
1.) Motul 7100 4T 20W 4-stroke bike fully synthetic
2.) Shell Advance ultra 100cc bikes versatile (can be used in every type)
3.) Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 from 100cc to 200cc fully synthetic
4.) Motul 3100 4T Gold from 100cc to 200cc semi-synthetic


Is 20W50 good for Pulsar 150?

Yes, you can surely use the 20W50 engine oil for your pulsar 150. Although the engine is very small for this fully synthetic rngine oil. This oil provide the thicker viscosity benefits because of the higher grade straight-weight ratio at high temperatures. via

Which oil is thicker 20W40 or 20W50?

As 20W50 is actually heavier oil than 20W40. via

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