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2021 Toyota Venza Xle Interior


Jun 8, 2022

Does the 2021 Venza have leather seats?

How much is a fully loaded 2021 Toyota Venza? The $40,920 Venza Limited adds a digital rearview mirror, a surround-view camera system, synthetic leather upholstery, a 12.3-inch touchscreen, navigation, and a nine-speaker JBL audio system. via

What is the difference between 2021 Venza XLE and Limited?

In terms of seating, the Venza starts out with fabric in the LE trim, and the driver's seat is power-adjustable and has lumbar support. In the XLE, the seats have both fabric and SofTex upholstery. The XLE's front seats are heated, and the driver's seat has a memory function. via

Is the 2021 Venza a luxury car?

The 2021 Toyota Venza brings the luxury

Toyota initially introduced the five-passenger Venza SUV in 2008 but stopped production in 2015. However, 2020 brought new life to the crossover when it was reinvented as a two-row hybrid-only vehicle. via

What is the difference in Venza XLE and Limited?

Apart from puddle lights with integrated Venza logos, its exterior is identical to the XLE trim's. However, the Venza Limited can be had with the optional Star Gaze panoramic roof, which adds a large pane of electrochromic glass that can switch from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button—cool. via

Does Venza XLE have ventilated seats?

The Venza has heated and ventilated seats, which is a great convenience perk. However, the ventilation felt a little weak on hot and humid afternoons in the Carolinas. via

Does the Venza XLE have power passenger seat?

When you settle inside the 2021 Toyota Venza, you'll have access to an eight-way power driver's seat and four-way power front passenger's seat. via

Does Toyota Venza XLE have moonroof?

Venza LE does not come standard with a moonroof. Nor does Venza XLE. Venza Limited does not either. Your sole option is to upgrade your Limited with the StarGaze fixed panoramic roof. via

Is the Toyota Venza bigger than the RAV4?

The Venza measures 186.6 inches in length, making it 5.7 inches longer than the RAV4. But their other measurements are much closer. The Venza's height of 65.9 inches is only 1.1 inches shorter than that of the RAV4. Both measure 73 inches wide and have a 105.9-inch wheelbase. via

Does the 2022 Venza XLE have a sunroof?

with Interior Pictures & Specs

The Venza Hybrid trim levels offer a wide range of available features, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen, navigation, a 10-inch head-up display, a nine-speaker JBL audio system, and a frost-control sunroof. via

Which is better Venza or Highlander?

The primary difference between the 2021 Toyota Venza and the 2021 Toyota Highlander lies in its seating, space, and towing capacity. While the 2021 Venza provides many of the latest technology from Toyota, the 2021 Highlander provides size for larger families. via

Is the Toyota Venza a quiet car?

Some staffers have praised its premium cabin and quiet ride, while others have complained about its poor packaging. via

What is a Toyota Venza comparable to?

The Toyota Venza competes against a strong group of great-selling compact crossovers, the Toyota RAV4 among them. The Toyota Venza competes against a strong group of great-selling compact crossovers, the Toyota RAV4 among them. via

Which Venza trim has sunroof?

2021 Toyota Venza Trim Level Comparison

LE ($32,570 MSRP) XLE ($36,100 MSRP) Limited ($39,900 MSRP)
Height-Adjustable Hands-Free Power Liftgate Heated Front Seats Ventilated Front Seats
Qi-compatible Wireless Charging 8-inch Color LCD Multi-Information Display StarGaze™ Fixed Panoramic Sunroof


Does Venza have heated mirrors?

2021 Toyota Venza Limited Exterior and Interior Features

Exterior features for the Venza Limited include an active grille shutter, a gray front grille with chrome accents, heated power outside mirrors, LED lighting, a roof-mounted shark-fin antenna, a rear spoiler with gloss black accents, and silver roof rails. via

Does the Toyota Venza have heated seats?

The Venza comes in three different trim levels. From the LE trim to the Limited, the Toyota Venza offers a Smart Key System, available Heated/Ventilated front seats, available Rain-Sensing Wipers and more. It really does have something for every type of driver. via

Are Venza seats comfortable?

The 2022 Toyota Venza has a premium interior that verges on luxury. Build quality is great, and most materials have a high-end feel. The Venza's seats are comfortable and spacious as well, though cargo room is subpar. The Venza's infotainment system is reasonably intuitive. via

How much is a fully loaded Venza?

This will cost you $37,640. Finally, the 2022 Toyota Venza Limited is the highest trim-level available and costs $41,595. This offers a 12.3-inch touchscreen, nine-speaker sound system, and digital rearview mirror. via

Does Venza have power folding mirrors?

All Venzas come with LED headlights, a hands-free power liftgate, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, dual-zone automatic climate control, power-folding mirrors, an eight-way power driver's seat, and the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 system that includes dynamic radar cruise control. via

Does Venza have heated steering wheel?

Quality-crafted seats, soft-touch materials and an available heated leather-trimmed steering wheel—every distinct detail inside Venza elevates your comfort, without sacrificing on style. via

Does Venza LE have moonroof? (video)


Does Toyota Venza have navigation system?

Like other modern vehicles the Toyota Venza has a touchscreen navigation system built into the dash that features GPS navigation as well as Bluetooth hands-free calling. via

Does the Venza stargaze roof open? (video)


What's the difference between sun and moon roof?

A sunroof is a glass or metal panel that's installed in the roof of a car, truck, or SUV that slides open or pops up to allow light and air into the interior cabin. A moonroof is typically a clear or tinted glass panel that slides between the roof and the headliner and is often tilted open to let in the fresh air. via

Can you put a roof rack on a Venza 2021?

Shop 2021 toyota Venza Roof Rack Cross Bars. Mount directly to the roof rails to help carry additional Weight, Cargo, Help -OEM toyota Accessory # PT73848210 (PT738-48210) via

Is the Toyota Venza a luxury car?

The brand new Toyota Venza enters as a luxurious new addition to the Toyota hybrid lineup in 2021. Toyota enthusiasts may recall the Venza nameplate from the now retired 2015 model of the same name that was more of a cross between a wagon and an SUV. via

Does Toyota Venza require premium gas?

What Octane Fuel Should I use for my Toyota? My people are under the impression that it is beneficial to use a high octane or premium gasoline (90 or higher octane) for their Toyota. The fact is no Toyota, (Other than the Toyota Supra that has a BMW engine) uses a grade of gasoline above higher than 87. via

How many miles will a Venza last?

A Toyota Venza Hybrid should last at least 200,000 miles and could even last over 300,000 miles as long as it's routinely serviced and driven sensibly. If you drive 15,000 miles per year, you can expect to get 20 years of service from it before requiring uneconomical repairs. via

Does 2022 Venza have fog lights?

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) is standard on all grades, while XLE and Limited add Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automated Braking (PA w/AB). Additionally, for better visibility, fog lights are now standard on the Limited grade. via

What does Venza mean?

Venza Venza is a combination of the words “venture” and “Monza,” a city in Northern Italy with a racecourse named Autodromo Nazionare Monza. The name was chosen to represent venture, outdoor leisure and driving performance. Sienna Derived from the Italian city of Siena. via

Is Toyota Venza a jeep or car?

Toyota Venza
Model years 2009–2015 (US) 2021–present (US)
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size crossover SUV
Body style 5-door SUV


Is Venza bigger than Highlander?

The Highlander is three inches wider, offering 76 inches to the Venza's 73 inches. It's also taller, standing 68.1 inches to the Venza's 65.9 inches. And the longer Highlander measures 194.9 inches, while the Venza extends 186.6 inches from front to back. via

Which Lexus is similar to Venza?

The Lexus RX 450H is the most comparable due to its hybrid powertrain, a 3.5-liter V6 paired with an electric motor. It has a bit more punch than the Venza, but ultimately still not a quick car. via

Is a Toyota Venza good in snow?

Is the 2021 Toyota Venza AWD good in the snow? Almost. Overall it actually handles the powder pretty well. While having my tester Venza in North Carolina's mountains, We got a few days of snow that resulted in impassable switchbacks and pileups from out of towners who decided to try such roads without snow chains. via

What problems do Toyota Venza have?

They relate to a wide range of problems including electrical system issues, engine, lane departure, service brakes, and steering. But the three most common problems lie with the windshield cracking, exterior lighting, and the fuel/propulsion system. via

Do you like your 2021 Venza?

The 2021 Toyota Venza is a hybrid crossover with a posh interior, comfortable seats, and a smooth ride. It's definitely not the SUV for buyers looking for a thrilling driving machine, and it has lackluster cargo space compared to several other hybrid and electric SUVs , as well as nonhybrid two-row SUVs . via

Does new Toyota Venza have spare tire?

The Venza has a standard space-saver spare tire so you can replace a flat tire and drive to have the flat repaired or replaced. If a vehicle has no spare tire you are forced to repair the tire and if that fails you will have to call roadside assistance and get towed. via

How is Venza different RAV4?

Venza: Strengths comparison. RAV4 Benefits: Lower starting price; cargo space; optional plug-in hybrid; off-road ability. Venza Benefits: Fuel economy; standard all-wheel drive; top trim is less expensive. via

How reliable is Toyota Venza?

The Toyota Venza Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 3rd out of 26 for midsize SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $444 which means it has excellent ownership costs. Repairs are less severe than average, and the frequency of these issues is average, so major repairs are not common for the Venza. via

Can the 2021 Venza tow anything?

Towing and Engine Capacity of the 2021 Toyota Venza

When equipped with the standard engine, the 2021 Toyota Venza can tow up to 3,500 lbs. via

Does 2021 Venza have 360 camera?

2021 Toyota Venza visibility and safety features

If you want a real good look at your surroundings, then you can take advantage of the included 360-degree surround-view camera. via

Does the Venza have a dash cam? (video)


Does 2021 Toyota Venza have a CD player?

Is there a CD player? No. But in the Venza's defense, I have yet to drive a 2021 vehicle with a CD player. via

Does Toyota Venza have birds eye view?

Interior tech in the Venza Limited trim

For starters, you get the innovative bird's eye view camera that uses the power of tech and four strategically placed cameras to stitch together a bird's eye 360-degree view of your car's immediate surroundings. via

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