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2018 Honda Accord Vs Bmw 3 Series


Jun 8, 2022

What is more reliable BMW or Honda?

After an eight-year reign as the UK's most reliable car, the (outgoing) BMW 3 Series has lost its title to the new Honda Civic.
2018 Best performing cars (2017)

1 (4) Honda Civic
2 (1) BMW 3 Series
3 (5) BMW 5 Series
4 (2) VW Golf
5 (9) Audi A4


What BMW is the same size as a Honda Accord?

In terms of seating you'll be able to fit the same number of people in both the BMW 228 Gran Coupe and the Honda Accord. via

What car is better than a BMW 3 Series?

The obvious rivals for the 3 Series are the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Both have their merits and in their most recent guises can make for more comfortable companions than the BMW along a bumpy road, but fall short for driver enjoyment. via

Is BMW 3 series worth buying?

The BMW 3 Series has always been the go-to sedan for the enthusiast who is just venturing into the luxury car market. It offers a great blend of driving dynamics and a premium experience to keep you and the entire family happy. But while we can go on praising the sedan for its qualities, it is not without its demerits. via

Which car brand has least problems?


  • Kia.
  • Buick.
  • Hyundai.
  • Genesis.
  • Toyota.
  • Lexus.
  • Porsche.
  • Dodge.
  • via

    What cars are better than BMW's?

    These Sports Sedans Are Better Driver's Cars Than BMW's 3-Series

  • 10 Infiniti Q50. Via Carbuzz.
  • 9 Cadillac CT4. Bright exterior accents, along with unique grilles and fascias distinguish the CT4 Luxury and Premium Luxury models.
  • 8 Mazda 6.
  • 7 Acura TLX.
  • 6 Jaguar XE.
  • 5 Volkswagen Passat.
  • 4 Lexus IS 350.
  • 3 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.
  • via

    What car is most like a BMW?

    7 BMW Alternatives for $40,000 or Less

  • Acura TLX. Let's get one thing out of the way immediately: The Acura TLX doesn't quite offer the handling, steering or cornering capabilities of a BMW.
  • Cadillac ATS.
  • Jaguar XE.
  • Lexus IS.
  • via

    Is a BMW 3 Series considered a sports car?

    Is the BMW 3 Series Sedan a sports car? The performance and design of the 2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan classify it as a sports car. via

    What are the disadvantages of BMW cars?

    Though BMWs are excellently engineered vehicles, they still need maintenance. They are more expensive to maintain than non-luxury cars and older model parts can sometimes be hard to come by. Repairs, too, are more costly than those for a domestic car. via

    Which year of BMW 3 Series is best?

    If you are looking at a used BMW 3 series then the generation that has the highest overall reliability rating is the 2006 through 2011. If you get one of the 328i sedans or coupes from this era you will have a long-lasting car. via

    Why do people love BMW 3 Series?

    The 3 Series has always been great to drive, offering engaging handling and sure-footed road holding. The new model retains its driver appeal, punchy performance and impressive frugality, but has added a more luxurious driving experience, more interior space and an impressive array of technology to its arsenal. via

    What is the number 1 most reliable car?

    Toyota earns the top spot as the best automaker for dependability. Toyota vehicles are known for their longevity, and they are proven to last longer than any other brand.
    The Most Reliable Car Brands.

    Longest-Lasting Car Brands to Reach 200,000 Miles- iSeeCars Study
    Rank Model % of Cars Over 200k Miles
    1 Toyota 2.3%
    2 Honda 1.9%
    3 GMC 1.8%


    Is BMW worth buying?

    BMWs are worth the money because they're high-performance luxury cars that offer great interiors, a refined ride, high levels of comfort and some of the best tech features on the market. BMW is synonymous with high status and their vehicles deliver a driving experience that's difficult to match. via

    Are BMW reliable after 100k miles?

    If a BMW has been well looked after and goes for servicing regularly, then it should last well over 100,000 miles. Some owners have even had a BMW for around the 250,000-mile mark. So, they last for a pretty long time when they're taken care of. via

    Why is BMW better than other cars?

    BMW makes it a point to create vehicles that are beautifully designed, and don't skimp on the quality. BMW's all-wheel-drive is one of the top systems in the world. For those adventure lovers, their BMW will gladly tackle most terrains including snow and off-road conditions. via

    Should I buy a Mercedes or BMW?

    While the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is one of the highest performing large luxury sedans on the road today, the overall winner when it comes to luxury performance is BMW. Any consumer looking for style and performance in the same convenient package should choose a vehicle produced by BMW. via

    Are BMW a reliable car?

    According to leading research on the matter, BMWs are quite reliable. There are many brands on the car market today that are reliable, including those that are produced by Japanese car manufacturers. BMW models are typically rated average or below average by car magazines and hobbyists. via

    What brand is similar to BMW?

    BMW Group competitors include Mercedes-Benz USA, Porsche, Audi, Lexus and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). via

    What car brands are similar to BMW?

    The top 10 luxury car brands of 2021 are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Tesla, Porsche, Lexus, Volvo, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Land Rover. via

    Why is BMW 3 Series the best?

    Yes, the BMW 3 Series is a good luxury small car . Performance is still its ultimate calling card, and it's defined by confident handling and swift acceleration. The base model offers great fuel economy, while the M3 – the king of the lineup – is built to be track-ready. Trunk room is among the best in the class. via

    Is the BMW 3 Series fast?

    3 Series – 330i xDrive Sedan: 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds. 4 Series – 440i xDrive Coupe: 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds. via

    Is BMW a sport or luxury?

    So, in summary, BMW's can be seen as sports cars – it just depends on what model you choose or the trim level you select. Alongside this, BMW's are definitely luxury cars. As such, you can potentially get your hands on a luxury sports car! via

    Why are BMW so unreliable? (video)


    What are the problems with BMW 3 Series?

    BMW 3 Series Common Problems and Solutions

  • Excessive Car Vibrations. Problem:
  • Oil On Engine Block. Problem:
  • Tail Light Illuminated. Problem:
  • Bumpy Driving. Problem:
  • Coolant Leak. Problem:
  • Drop in Engine Performance. Problem:
  • Rear Wiper Stopped Working. Problem:
  • Window Stuck In Down Position. Problem:
  • via

    What are common BMW problems?

    A common issue many BMW owners face is their vehicle overheating. While there are a number of factors in your vehicle that can contribute to this issue, including a coolant leak or a faulty water pump, a certified automotive technician will be able to help you pinpoint the problem. via

    How long will a BMW 3 Series last?

    The BMW 3 Series can last between 200,000 – 250,000 miles when properly maintained and driven conservatively. If you drive 15,000 miles per year it will last approximately 13 – 17 years before requiring expensive and uneconomical repairs. There are instances of 3 Series reaching up to 300,000 miles. via

    What is the best 3 Series model?

  • 1 E30 M3. via Pinterest.
  • 2 E92 BMW M3 GTS. via BMW.
  • 3 M3 E46 GTR. DriveTribe.
  • 4 E46 M3 CSL. via BMW M.
  • 5 E90 M3. Via: Pistonheads.
  • 6 E36 M3 Light Weight. via pinterest.
  • 7 1987 E30 320is. via petrolicious.
  • 8 E21 - The First-Ever 3-Series. via autoevolution.com.
  • via

    Why is the 3 Series so popular?

    The 3-series earned that esteem by being, for a long time, one of the most generally excellent sedans on the road. Communicative steering, satisfying powertrains, and exceptional ride-and-handling balance were hallmarks of the nameplate and made BMW's sports sedan the benchmark against which other brands aspired. via

    Is BMW 320i a good car?

    BMW's 320i has long been a popular entry-level prestige machine and, with its good looks, build quality, and engineering, it's not hard to see why. European cars often get a reputation for being unreliable when people used to driving basic Japanese cars don't take them for a service or drive them like a farm vehicle. via

    What is the safest car brand?

    15 Safest Car Brands of 2022

  • Honda (Tie)
  • Nissan (Tie)
  • Volkswagen (Tie)
  • Audi (Tie)
  • Toyota (Tie)
  • Lexus (Tie)
  • Buick (Tie)
  • Chrysler.
  • via

    What car brand is best?

    Best car manufacturers 2021

  • Tesla – 89.39%
  • Mazda – 89.38%
  • Toyota – 88.00%
  • Honda – 87.54%
  • Jaguar – 87.52%
  • Mitsubishi – 87.38%
  • Volvo – 87.34% Key points: Volvos are practical, luxurious and cheap to service.
  • Lexus – 87.11% Key points: Lexus praised for the build quality and refinement of its cars, as well as their safety.
  • via

    What is the best car brand to buy used?

    10 Best Brands to Buy Used

  • Toyota.
  • Chevrolet.
  • Fiat.
  • Honda.
  • Kia.
  • Ford.
  • Mitsubishi.
  • Nissan.
  • via

    Do Hondas ever break down?

    Honda's success in the reliability index is chiefly down to low failure rates. However, when things do go wrong, the cars are also relatively cheap to fix.” Another reason Honda might be so reliable is due to their technology, or lack of it. via

    At what mileage do cars start having problems?

    Generally, vehicles are likely to start experiencing problems after the 100,000-mile mark. Also, in most cases, they no longer have a valid manufacturer's warranty, meaning you have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket when something goes wrong. via

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