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2016 Ford Expedition Throttle Body Problems


Jun 8, 2022

What are the symptoms of a faulty throttle body?

7 Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle Body

  • Lack of Power.
  • Issues while accelerating.
  • Higher or Lower Idling.
  • Dirt or Grime Build-up.
  • Poor Mileage.
  • Electrical Problems.
  • Check Engine Light.
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    How do I reset my Ford throttle body?

    Here’s the throttle body relearn procedure 1) Start the engine and let it idle in park for 3 minutes. During that period the idle may be higher idle than normal. 2) After 3 minutes, turn the engine off and leave it off for 60- seconds. 3) Start the engine again and let it idle in park for 3 minutes one more time. via

    How do I know if my throttle body needs to be replaced?

  • Grime Build Up.
  • Poor Fuel Economy.
  • Poor or High Idle.
  • Uneven or Slow Acceleration.
  • Electrical Problems.
  • Airflow Disruptions.
  • Check Engine Light.
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    Is throttle body covered under Ford warranty?

    Ford has issued an extended warranty for defective throttle body assemblies and sensors for 10 years or 150,000 miles from the data of original purchase. via

    What happens when throttle body fails?

    When a throttle body is not functioning correctly, you’ll usually notice a distinctly poor or very low idle. If the problem is really severe, you might even begin stalling when coming to a stop or when the throttle is quickly pressed. via

    How do you reprogram a throttle body? (video)

    How long do throttle bodies last?

    How Long Does a Throttle Body Last? While you should clean your throttle body at least once every 75,000 miles, a throttle body that’s properly cared for can easily last 150,000 or even 200,000 miles. That’s because it’s a mechanical component, and it takes a while for mechanical components to wear out. via

    How much does it cost to fix throttle body?

    The average throttle body replacement cost is between $250 and $650, depending on the car model and labor costs. The throttle body cost between $200 and $500, while the labor cost is around $50 and $150. The throttle body can be differently priced depending on different vehicles, models, and the manufacturing company. via

    How do you clean a Ford throttle body? (video)

    What does an electronic throttle body do?

    What Does an Electronic Throttle Body Do? Located between the intake manifold and the intake assembly, the throttle body controls how much air your vehicle’s engine receives based on how far you press the gas pedal. Generally, more airflow means more power. via

    What is a throttle body?

    The throttle body is an important part of your air intake system that controls the air flowing into your engine. It’s located between your air intake and engine manifold where fresh air is pulled into the engine for the combustion process. via

    How much does it cost to replace a throttle body sensor?

    The average cost for throttle position sensor replacement is between $157 and $201. Labor costs are estimated between $55 and $69 while parts are priced between $102 and $132. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed. via

    Can throttle body cause transmission problems?

    The Throttle Position sensor measures the throttle position, which is controlled by the gas pedal. It is used to determine engine load and if it fails it can cause automatic transmission shifting problems. via

    Can a dirty throttle body cause loss of power?

    What are the Signs of a Bad Throttle Body? When the throttle body is not working properly, your car may stall, run rough, and/or lack power. via

    How often should you get throttle body service?

    If your truck seems to be running rougher when its idling or stumbling during initial acceleration, it may be time to clean your throttle body. Even if you are not having any issues yet, a thorough throttle body cleaning is advised maintenance every 75,000 miles to prevent these issues before they start. via

    Should I clean my throttle body or replace it?

    Generally, throttle bodies do not need to be replaced completely, but rather just need specific parts related to them replaced. I would also recommend checking the mass air flow sensor to be sure it is functioning correctly as well since this could also cause the car to hesitate or run poorly. via

    How do I fix my electronic throttle control? (video)

    How do you clean a throttle body sensor? (video)

    Can I replace throttle body myself?

    If a scan tool is not needed then it could be done right at the location. If you have the proper mechanical skill set you can replace your throttle position sensor yourself. via

    What does the lightning bolt on your dashboard mean?

    The lightning bolt warning light alerts you to a fault in the electronic throttle control system in your vehicle. This may be a faulty throttle body, the throttle body sensor or possibly the throttle body control motor which is what controls the opening and closing of the throttle body as the motor requires more fuel. via

    Can wd40 be used to clean throttle body?

    Gently spray the WD-40 Throttle Body, Carb and Choke Cleaner down the throttle body and wipe with a cloth to remove any dirt and grime. Repeat the process until it is clean and dry. via

    How much does it cost to fix electronic throttle control?

    If it’s the electronic throttle controller then the replacement cost can range from $300 to $1,500 depending on the location and time to complete the job. If it’s the throttle body itself that is damaged and needs to be replaced, the costs can also be in the same neighborhood. via

    What causes electronic throttle control?

    The most common causes of an electronic throttle control light are a faulty throttle control sensor or a faulty throttle accelerator pedal position sensor. via

    Does the throttle body control the fuel pump?

    A throttle body regulates how much air flows into a fuel-injected engine. via

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