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2011 Chevy Impala Knock Sensor Location


Jun 8, 2022

Where is the knock sensor located at?

The knock sensor is located on the engine block, cylinder head, or intake manifold. Its senses vibrations caused by engine knock or detonation. via

How can you tell if a knock sensor is good? (video)


What does a knock sensor do on a Chevrolet engine?

The engine's knock sensor (or sensors) detects preignition and detonation, potentially damaging forms of abnormal combustion. Though full-blown knocking and pinging are audible to the human ear, the knock sensor detects imperceptible levels. via

What causes knock sensor problems?


Breaks in wiring. Wiring short circuit. Mechanical damage. Incorrect mounting. via

Can a knock sensor cause transmission problems?

A malfunctioning knock sensor can cause transmission problems because it doesn't relay the right time for the engine to fire the spark plugs. This causes a power loss and that can cause the transmission to use a different gear than it normally would to compensate. via

Can you drive without a knock sensor? (video)


Does knock sensor affect performance?

If your vehicle has a faulty knock sensor, it won't only affect how quickly it can accelerate, but it'll also lose its top speed and torque. That's because those default values that your engine reverts to reduces your engine's performance to keep your engine from producing too much and force and causing further damage. via

How long can you drive with a faulty knock sensor?

In conclusion, you can drive with a bad knock sensor—that is, if you want to destroy your engine and get atrocious performance from your car. The moment you confirm that your knock sensor has seen better days, it would be wise to swap it right away with a high-quality replacement. via

Will knock sensor cause a check engine light?

The most common sign of a bad knock sensor is an illuminated check engine light. When the PCM detects a problem with the knock sensor or its circuit, the module will turn on the check engine light and store a corresponding diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in its memory. via

How much does it cost to fix engine knock?

Answer provided by. For both parts and labor, fixing a knocking engine can cost $2,000-$3,000 on average. If the damage is worse, you may have to pay to replace extra parts as well. Don't put off this repair because the damage will only get worse (and the expenses will rise). via

Can knock sensors be turned off?

There is no way to disable the knock sensors currently. If you unplug them or they don't see enough noise you'll get a 3100 limp. via

What happens if you don't replace a knock sensor?

If the knock sensor is not working then the engine could start pinging without the computer being able to detect it. This pinging can cause the combustion process to burn or blow holes in the pistons. via

What else could cause a knock sensor code?

Faulty knock sensor. Circuit issues, such as damaged wiring and loose connections. Issues with the PCM (rare) Internal engine problems. via

Does knock sensor affect idle?

If this sensor isn't working correctly, it can cause a lot of problems for your car. Most bad knock sensor symptoms are easy to detect, as you will notice bad acceleration and a rough engine idle, but some are more subtle like bad fuel damage and catalyst damage. via

Can a vacuum leak cause a knock sensor code?

vacuum leak will cause lean condition, could be intermittent enough to cause a knock. Or you could have a bad knock sensor and this stuff. Either way you need to do a vacuum check, if it's leaking, fix it, clear codes and see what happens. via

Can a knock sensor cause a car to stall?

A knock sensor, even if faulty, can not cause hard starting or stalling. To have your hard starting, as well as stalling issue, diagnosed, the recommended service is a hard starting diagnostic. via

How do I fix code P0332?

  • Replacing frayed or broken wires and connectors in the sensor circuit.
  • Ensuring that the sensor and circuit are properly grounded.
  • Replacing the knock sensor.
  • Addressing the root cause in the EGR or cooling system.
  • Replacing or reprogramming the PCM (rare)
  • via

    How does a knock sensor work?

    The knock sensor picks up vibration and sound coming from the engine block, turns it into an electronic signal and sends that signal to the engine control unit (ECU). The car's computer then judges the information and determines whether or not ignition timing should be altered. via

    Is a knock sensor worth replacing?

    It is straightforward and relatively inexpensive to repair, would improve engine power and efficiency, and might also prevent poor fuel mixture issues that could clog your catalytic converter. It is an important part of your engines efficient and clean operation. via

    How important are knock sensors?

    Knock sensors are vital to the function of your car because they prevent your engine from being damaged due to too much air pressure caused by the air and fuel mixture mentioned above. When the engine does experience extensive damage, your car will break down. via

    Does knock sensor affect gas mileage?

    A bad knock sensor may also not let the engine accelerate properly while driving on the highway, and cause the vehicle to lose fuel mileage. via

    Can knock sensors cause misfire?

    Knock sensor problems can also be accompanied by other symptoms. When the engine is started, the vehicle will shake or vibrate, causing a misfire. As a result of the detonation of the cylinders, the engine may emit strong exhaust and burning smells. via

    How do I fix code p0327? (video)


    Do you need to reset ECU after replacing knock sensor?

    If you have replaced the knock sensor, then defenitly reset your ECU. Once that is complete, you should have full power almost immediately. no nothing bad will happen from resetting your ecu. via

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