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2002 Ford Focus Battery Light Stays On


Jun 8, 2022

Why is the battery light on in my Ford Focus?

If your Ford Focus battery warning light comes on while driving, be sure to turn off your accessories, so the battery doesn't drain further. The warning light usually means that the alternator isn't working properly meaning you are operating solely on battery power. via

What does red battery light mean Ford?

A dashboard battery light basically means there's a battery charging problem. Your car isn't getting enough voltage from the car battery to operate properly. It needs more "juice!" via

Will battery light come on if alternator is bad?

Alternators are designed to work at a specific voltage, typically between 13-14.5 volts. If your alternator is failing, its voltage may drop below capacity, causing the battery warning light to appear on your dash. via

Can blown fuse drain battery?

The fuse in and of itself cannot be the cause of the power drain. It is, however, an indication of where the power drain is coming from. If by pulling the fuse you get a noticeable drop in battery drain, whatever is causing the drain is on that circuit. via

Where is the alternator fuse?

Most of the time, there's a high-amperage fuse or fusible link between the alternator's battery terminal and the battery. Also, there are usually low-amperage fuses in series with the alternator's sense terminal and ignition terminal. via

What battery cable do you take off to check alternator?

If you're tempted to test an alternator by disconnecting the negative battery cable, don't do it. A good alternator may indeed keep the engine running without the negative cable, but this was never a good test. In the pre-computer days, you could pull it off without damaging anything. via

What can cause battery light to come on?

There are many reasons why your battery light could turn on. It could indicate a bad battery or dead battery, a charging problem, a faulty alternator, a wiring issue, and so on. And while driving with the vehicle's battery light on is possible, it's not recommended. via

Where is the battery fuse located? (video)


What can drain a car battery besides the alternator?

What Drains a Car Battery?

  • You left your headlights on.
  • Something is causing a "parasitic draw."
  • Your battery connections are loose or corroded.
  • It's extremely hot or cold outside.
  • The battery isn't charging while you drive.
  • You're taking too many short drives.
  • Your battery is old.
  • via

    Can a relay drain a battery?

    Bad ignition relay

    The ignition relay is essentially an electrical device that works as a switch for the power to the ignition system. Its job is to make sure electricity flows from the battery to the different components that need power. A bad relay will drain your battery and make it difficult to start the ignition. via

    How do you check for parasitic draw? (video)


    What happens if you disconnect the battery while the car is still running?

    Removing the battery from the circuit allows those spikes and transients to travel around, endangering every semiconductor circuit in your car. The ECU, the speed sensitive steering, the memory seat adjustments, the cruise control, and even the car's stereo. via

    What kills your alternator?

    Running in full charge mode continuously can kill an alternator, so trying to have your new alternator try and charge your dead battery can result in immediate alternator failure. via

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