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1uzfe Miata Swap Kit


Jun 8, 2022

How much HP can a 1UZFE handle?

With the correct internals, much like Toyota's other awesome engines such as the 2JZ, the 1UZFE block is easily capable of achieving 1,000 horsepower on the right setup if you have big-power goals. via

Is the 1UZFE a good engine?

A. According to Consumer Reports, a 1UZFE engine can easily last over 200,000 miles. However, we've seen 1UZFE engines that have done more than twice that mileage and they're still going strong with just regular maintenance. via

Is 1UZ reliable?

Toyota 4.0 V8 1UZ-FE Engine Problems and Reliability

But still, the 1UZ's longevity is utterly impressive. With proper maintenance, it doesn't knock, leak or burn a single drop of oil. For big mileage cars, it is common problems with external engine components such as water pump, alternator, and starter. via

What vehicles came with 1UZFE?


  • 1989–2000 Lexus LS 400/Toyota Celsior.
  • 1989–2002 Toyota Crown/Toyota Crown Majesta.
  • 1989–2004 Toyota HiAce HiMedic Ambulance (Japan only)
  • 1991–2000 Lexus SC 400/Toyota Soarer.
  • 1992–2000 Lexus GS 400/Toyota Aristo.
  • 1995–1997 SARD MC8/MC8-R.
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    How much power can a supercharged 1UZ make?

    The newest 1UZFE engines produce 290 horsepower from the factory, and when you add a turbo or supercharger to one in conjunction with supporting modifications, it's possible to get a very reliable 400 horsepower out of one. via

    Can you supercharge a 1UZ?

    Overview. The Budget kit has been introduced to our extensive range of Supercharger kits for the 1UZ to allow for the DIY installer who has their own Supercharger. This kit comes with the basic items needed to Supercharge your 1UZ, without the need for costly fabrication and research into what works and what doesn't. via

    Why is 1UZ so reliable?

    Oversquare by design, with a bore and stroke of 87.5 mm × 82.5 mm (3.44 in × 3.25 in), the all-aluminum unit displaced 4.0 liters (242 ci). Like other legendary Toyota engines, the block was thoroughly reinforced to ensure unparalleled reliability. via

    How much does a 1UZ weigh?

    A new 4.0 liter V8 engine, 1UZ-FE, has been developed for the luxury sedan, LEXUS LS400. The engine has 4 camshafts and 32 valves, and weighs only 195 kg (430 lbs) having many light alloy components and carefully designed configurations. via

    What is the most reliable V8 engine?

    10 Of The Most Reliable V8 Engines Ever

  • 8 Ford 5.0 Coyote.
  • 7 Nissan 5.6.
  • 6 Hyundai 5.0.
  • 5 Chrysler 6.4.
  • 4 Toyota/Lexus 4.0.
  • 3 Chevy LS3 6.2.
  • 2 Chrysler 5.7.
  • 1 Chevy Small-Block 350.
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    What did the 2UZ come in?

    These are the cars that left the showroom with the 2UZ-FE engine under the hood: Lexus GX470 (2002-2009) Lexus LX470 (1998-2007) Toyota Land Cruiser (1998-2011) via

    Does Toyota have a V8 engine?

    The only Toyota vehicle left with a V8 engine is the 2022 Toyota Sequoia. And for 2023, this fullsize SUV is tossing its V8 in favor of a turbocharged V6. via

    What is better 1UZ or 3UZ?

    1UZ VVTi and 3UZ heads are the exact same part number, and 100% interchangeable. Connecting rods are 100% the same as well. Intake manifolds are identical, except for one half having a different bolt pattern for the throttle body, so they are not accidentally interchanged. via

    How much oil does a 1uzfe take?

    Capacity: With filter 5.4 quartsAfter refill check oil level. via

    Is 3UZ a good engine? (video)


    What year did the 1UZ get VVTI?

    Two VVT-I versions were produced, the 1UZ-FE and 3UZ-FE with VVT-I version production spanning 17 years, from 1997 to mid 2013. Featured at various times in Lexus, Tundra, 4Runner and Landcruiser the responsive and reliable UZ platform has developed a strong following in many countries. via

    How much HP does a 2JZ GE have?

    The 2JZ-GTE's naturally aspirated and easier-to-find older sibling, the 2JZ-GE, is based upon the same short-block and nearly identical but higher-compression rotating assembly, but as far as Toyota's concerned, is only good for about 230 hp. via

    What is 1uz? (video)


    How does a Eaton m90 supercharger work? (video)


    What is the fuel consumption of a Lexus V8 engine?

    The petrol-powered 5.7-litre V8 has 270kW and a mammoth 530Nm of torque. Acceleration is a little more brisk than the diesel derivative; but only by about a second. The naturally aspirated petrol-engine is significantly thirstier, guzzling 14.5 litres per 100 km vs. the turbo-diesel model's 10.2 litres per 100 km. via

    What oil does a 1uz take?

    CASTROL EDGE 5W-30 A3/B4 better. via

    Does the ls400 have a V8?

    The Lexus specification

    There's only one place to start when discussing the Lexus LS 400 – its magnificent quad-cam, 4.0-litre V8 engine, which pushed out a maximum of 250bhp and went about its business with a whispering stealth. via

    When did ls400 get VVTi?

    In September 1997, variable valve timing (VVTi) was brought to the engine, increasing its performance; styling was updated, and new features were added, but the price remained the same. via

    Why do American V8s sound so good?

    The rich roars of the V8 are music to many people's ears. A V8 engine has two rows of four cylinders arranged in a V shape, and – in the cross-plane crankshaft type, rather than a flat-plane – these cylinders fire in an irregular pattern across the two rows. via

    What is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8?

    The 2023 Z06 packs a mind-blowing 670 horsepower by way of a 5.5-liter, naturally aspirated, flat-plane crank V8, making it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 ever put into a production car. Period. And in case you'd forgotten, even the supercharged 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing offers just 668 ponies. via

    What is the best sounding V8?

    The nine best sounding V8s of all time

  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage.
  • Maserati Quattroporte.
  • McLaren M8F.
  • Ferrari F355.
  • Mercedes C63 AMG.
  • Jaguar F-Type.
  • Ford GT40.
  • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. The smallest V8 on this list and by quite some margin, the 2.0-litre, flat-plane crank, dry-sump V8 from the 33 Stradale is something special.
  • via

    Can you turbo a 2UZ?

    Registered. yes, but no more than 5 pounds of boost. via

    How good is 2UZ-FE?

    2UZ-FE 4.7 V8 engines made their debut in 1998 and lived on all the way through 2011. It's a great engine that offers a respectable balance of performance, longevity, and reliability. Fuel economy definitely isn't a strength of the Toyota V8, though. via

    When did 2UZ-FE get VVTI?

    In 2005, the valve train was upgraded and received cam-phasing in the form of Toyota's VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing – Intelligent). The original power numbers vary slightly based on application; upon its introduction to the U.S. market, the engine cranked out 240hp with 315 lb-ft of torque. via

    Will 2022 Tundra have V8?

    The 2022 Toyota Tundra drops the old naturally aspirated V8 for two completely new engines: a twin-turbo V6 and a twin-turbo V6 hybrid. Both engines are paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The base twin-turbo 3.5L V6 produces 389 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. via

    Why did Toyota Stop Making V8s?

    While previous iterations of the Toyota Tundra did come with a 5.7-liter V8 capable of 381-hp, Toyota has ditched that, deciding it wasn't necessary anymore. Autoweek points out that that V8 engine consumed gas like a marathoner drinks Gatorade. It only got 13 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway. via

    Will Toyota bring back the V8?

    The 5.7-liter V8 powered the Toyota Tundra and Toyota Sequoia for over a decade. After a long time spent muddling in the past, Toyota made some sweeping updates for 2022. via

    How much oil does a ls400 take?

    Engine Oil

    SAE 5W-30 is preferred. Capacity: With filter 5.9 quartsAfter refill check oil level. via

    How much oil does a 1991 ls400 take?

    Engine Oil

    SAE 5W-30 is preferred. Capacity: With filter 5.6 quartsAfter refill check oil level. via

    How much oil does a Lexus LS 460 take?

    9.1 quarts (with filter)After refill check oil level. via

    What size motor is a 2JZ?

    2JZ. The 2,997 cc (3.0 L; 182.9 cu in) 2JZ has been produced since 1991 (first released in the 1991 Toyota Aristo). Cylinder bore and stroke is 86 mm × 86 mm (3.39 in × 3.39 in). via

    How many kW is a Lexus v8 engine?

    The engine was slightly revised in 1995 with lighter connecting rods and pistons and an increased compression ratio to 10.4:1 resulting in peak power of 195 kW (261 hp) and torque of 363 Nm (268 lbft). via

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